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Can HDPE Be Recycled

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HDPE is one of the most easily recycled plastic polymers, and most recycling companies will collect HDPE products and bring them to large facilities for processing. The reason for making HDPE plastic a sustainable material is that it is made from re-consumed post-consumer materials. About 25-100% of HDPE has been recycled and refurbished into plastic. According to research, HDPE materials can be recycled at least ten times, and the life of HDPE products is generally 10 to 20 years. Recycling 10 times means that HDPE materials have a service life of 100 to 200 years.

HDPE can be used as a toilet partition, dressing table or locker. Although HDPE is not biodegradable, it can be used for a long time. The use of HDPE materials helps minimize waste and enhance the sustainability of the business.

 Industrial Recycling Process of HDPE

1.When recycled, HDPE is usually graded because some HDPE plastics are thicker and more durable than other plastics.

2.Classify and clean plastic to remove any unwanted debris.

3.The plastic is homogenized to handle only HDPE. If there are other plastic polymers in the batch, this can damage the recycled final product. HDPE can be separated by using sink-float separation. However, HDPE has a similar specific density as PP, so if the two materials are mixed, it is not possible to use different density separation. In this case, the near infrared radiation (NIR) technique can be used to separate the two. HDPE can safely continue recycling. Any particles left will essentially destroy the final product. So this step requires very careful operation.

4.The HDPE is chopped and melted into granules and granules for later use. The process will employ granules and granules and combine or reshape them in several processes to make new products using the same plastic that was originally recovered.


Recycle HDPE in our life

Small steps in daily life can also be used to recover HDPE. Shopping bags such as supermarkets can be reused the next time you shop. You can put them in a specific location at home for your next use. Many large supermarkets now offer recycling points for used shopping bags, which promotes the recycling and use of HDPE. Similarly, if the used milk bottle is thoroughly rinsed, the next use can be easily achieved. Buying plastic bottles in bulk is a good choice to reduce waste. The recycling of HDPE utilizes the resin code on the product to help separate the plastic during the recycling phase.


Benefits of recycling HDPE

1. The global market for HDPE is huge, and most bags are produced by HDPE. Moreover, the demand for HDPE pipes and cables is increasing and the development prospects are clear. However, HDPE is not biodegradable, so the recycling of HDPE is beneficial to protect the environment while increasing its economic value.

2. HDPE recycling can help improve workplace safety and cleanliness, such as reducing fire hazards.

3. HDPE recycling means that HDPE plastics will be removed from the waste stream, reducing waste disposal costs, especially labor costs, which means the cost of manual disposal of landfill waste.


The use of plastic products has brought many benefits to our lives, and HDPE, as an excellent product in plastics, has improved our quality of life. When we use glass containers, we often complain about its bulkiness and fragility, and plastic products easily avoid our embarrassing situation. At the same time, for the business, plastic products effectively reduce transportation costs and increase their own profits, so it is very important to recycle HDPE products.


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