Common troubleshooting of spiral wound pipe machine
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Common troubleshooting of spiral wound pipe machine

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In the use of spiral wound pipe machine machinery and equipment, it is inevitable to have one or another problem. Therefore, it is very important to find the problem in time and find a solution in production. Here we analyze some common problems of spiral wound HDPE pipe machines and discuss the best solutions. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l The spiral wound pipe machine is worn on the feeding roller.

l The thread of the side cover of the feeding section of the spiral wound pipe machine is damaged.

The spiral wound pipe machine is worn on the feeding roller.

Because the spiral wound pipe machine is made of metal with high hardness, it is subjected to vibration, impact, and other combined forces during production and operation, resulting in the formation of gaps in the parts and causing wear. The traditional repair methods include surfacing welding, thermal spraying, electric brushing, and so on. However, several methods have certain disadvantages: surfacing will cause the surface of the parts to reach a high temperature, causing deformation or cracking of the parts, affecting the dimensional accuracy and normal use, and even causing fractures in severe cases. Although the brush crossing has no thermal effect, the thickness of the crossing layer should not be too thick, causing serious pollution, and its application is also greatly restricted.

Western countries mostly use polymer composite methods to address the above-mentioned problems. Its comprehensive performance and features that can be machined at any time can meet the requirements and accuracy of use after repair, and it can also reduce the shock and vibration that the equipment bears during operation and prolong its service life. Because the material is a "variable" relationship, when an external force impacts the material, the material deforms and absorbs the external force, and expands and contracts with the expansion and contraction of the bearing or other components, and always maintains a tight fit with the components to reduce the probability of wear. For the wear and tear of the large spiral wound plastic pipe machine, "mold" or "matching parts" can also be used to repair the damaged spiral wound pipe machine equipment on-site, avoiding the overall disassembly of the equipment, ensuring the matching size of the components to the greatest extent, and meeting the production of the equipment operational requirements.

The thread of the side cover of the feeding section of the spiral wound pipe machine is damaged.

In the process of pre-tightening the bolts with the spiral wound pipe machine, the bolts are deformed due to tensile stress. Its restoring stress makes it tightly connected with the sealing part it is connected to. As time increases, part of the tensile deformation becomes permanent, and the restoring stress decreases, resulting in stress relaxation, torque drop, and bolts. The loosening phenomenon will cause the sliding wire of the thread to wear, and in severe cases, it will even cause damage to the internal thread of the fastener component. The polymer material is used for repair, which has the concession that metal does not have, ensures the recovery stress after repair, and ensures the use effect of the parts. At the same time, the non-metal nature of the material itself makes the HDPE spiral tank much more astringent than metal, which prevents re-damage due to loosening and ensures the safe and continuous production of the enterprise.

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