Construction plan of HDPE spiral wound tanks
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Construction plan of HDPE spiral wound tanks

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Packing seal of HDPE spiral wound tanks, a common kind of seal. It is by injecting shaft seal water in the form of constantly injecting certain pressure water inside the packing to prevent the pump body slurry of the steel-lined storage tank from leaking. For multi-stage tandem pumps which are not suitable for paying impeller shaft seal, a packing shaft seal is used. The packing shaft seal is simple in structure, convenient in maintenance, and cheap in price.

Here is the content:

l Production of high-level HDPE spiral wound tanks

l The installation of piping, instruments, and valves

l The emptying facilities

Production of high-level HDPE spiral wound tanks

High-level HDPE seamless winding tank fabrication should be made according to the relevant standards for material, welding, fabrication, inspection, and test, but no pressure vessel documentation is issued. After the equipment is made, it should be pickled and passivated. After treatment with coloring flaw detection method test, no blue dot for qualified.

The high-level HDPE seamless winding tank is installed in the form of steel structure support, and a lightning protection grounding device is installed. Considering the special situation of corrosion at the site, the structure frame selects stainless steel material to support the lower cross frame on both sides of the cofferdam. The vertical height of the support frame is 6000mm, and the platform above is 2400mm×2400mm, which is convenient for the installation of the high-level tank and future maintenance. The platform is surrounded by high altitude guardrail with a height of 1100mm.

A tee is added out of the high-level tank, and a solenoid control valve is added in front of the tee, which can realize the remote cut-off control in the control room. Add manual valves before and after the solenoid valve and install a bypass manual valve for maintenance and emergency use.

The installation of piping, instruments, and valves

The system installation conforms to the relevant construction regulations of chemical tank spiral wound HDPE and is carried out by the system diagram. In addition, it is necessary to configure the emergency water pipeline: the high-level tank table is equipped with water pipes, faucets, and flushing pools, and the water is configured according to the relevant regulations; the acid pump is equipped with hose joints, water pipes, faucets and flushing pools, and the water is configured according to the relevant regulations. Welders must hold an argon arc welding certificate and should be tested after welding.

The emptying facilities

The facilities for evacuating nitric acid in the pipeline should be designed for use in pipeline maintenance. The top of the chemical tank spiral wound HDPE is equipped with a breathing valve and gas-phase evacuation pipe and magnetic flap level meter. The upper part is equipped with an operator platform and escalator. The material of the platform is S30403, which is used for loading and maintenance of nitric acid. The size of the platform is length x width: 5000mm x 1000mm, the height of the fence is 1100mm. The inclined climbing ladder is adopted.

HDPE spiral wound tanks are processed by a spiral extrusion winding unit. The tank body and bottom become one. The product integrity is good, no joints, corrosion resistance, not easy to leak, PPH particles in the ultraviolet absorber, to prevent aging and extend service life. It has a uniform and delicate crystalline structure, excellent chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, good insulation characteristics. Welcome to buy our high-quality HDPE spiral tank.





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