Cutting method and issues of safety of corrugated Krah machine
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Cutting method and issues of safety of corrugated Krah machine

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The corrugated Krah machine is employed to agitate the paper cutting desires within the post-printing amount. From the mechanical corrugated Krah machine to the tape-controlled corrugated Krah machine, and also the trojan horse management, color show, full-image operation radio-controlled visual process and computer-aided cutting external programming and writing production knowledge cutting system, so that production preparation time Shorter, higher cutting preciseness, lower labor intensity, and safer operation. What square measure the cutting method and issues of safety of the corrugated Krah machine? Next, allow us to take a glance.

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l Flat sheet corrugated Krah machine cutting method

l Security Question

Flat sheet corrugated Krah machine cutting method

1) The corrugated Krah machine determines the position of the paper pusher per the dimensions of the paper to be cut

2) The corrugated Krah machine makes the paper that has been flushed on the brink of the front surface of the paper pusher and also the aspect fence to position the paper

3) The corrugated Krah machine presser initial descends to compress the paper, so the cutter descends to chop the paper

4) when the corrugated Krah machine cuts, the cutter leaves the paper stack and returns, so the paper press rises to reset.

Security Question

The safety of corrugated Krah machines could be a downside that a lot of digital printing practitioners tend to ignore. the subsequent aspects affect the safe use of paper cutters:

1. The brake device of the corrugated Krah machine. to save lots of cash, several makers adopt the principle of circuit braking, which implies that the ability offer of the cutter motor is discontinued by the higher and lower limit sensors. this sort of device might cause "knife slipping" within the case of abrupt breakdown, loose socket, device failure, etc. a very dangerous scenario. to forestall this from happening, the Krah machine should use a motor assembly with a mechanical brake device so that regardless of what circuit failure happens, the motor is barred to avoid accidents.

2. corrugated Krah machine double button operation principle. this needs 2 buttons to be ironed at a similar time, otherwise, the Krah Pipe machine won't move, which might make sure the absolute safety of single-person operation.

3. within the actual use of the corrugated Krah machine, 2 individuals sometimes work. during this manner, matters become dangerous. this needs the cutting implement to be equipped with front and rear safety covers. once the corrugated Krah machine safety cowl is opened, the motor won't move to confirm safety.

4. The higher than square measure the security factors that affect the employment of corrugated Krah machine, therefore after your amendment the blade throughout maintenance and maintenance, use the knife holder to confirm that the blade edge is closed, that not solely ensures the security of individuals however additionally ensures that the string isn't broken.

5. what is more, the blades removed by the Krah machine should not be left alone to avoid symptom individuals.

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