Equipment used in Krah Pipe production line
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Equipment used in Krah Pipe production line

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The production of Krah pipes is an integral part of the manufacturing landscape. It is vital for the efficient transport of liquids and gases for many industries. One of the most critical aspects of any pipe production is the selection of the right equipment. Every manufacturing setup comes with its own challenges and specific needs and the selection of the right equipment is a crucial factor for the successful operation of any production line.

  • Plastic Extruder

  • Winding system

  • Automatic Socket and Spigot Milling system

  • Automatic Dismantle System

  • Pipe Finishing System

  • Corrugated pipe machine

Krah pipe

Plastic Extruder

The plastic extruder is a key piece of equipment used in Krah pipe production. It is used to heat and shape the plastic granules into the desired form. This process requires a combination of heat, pressure, and speed to ensure the desired shape and quality of the pipe is achieved. The extruder is also used to determine the wall thickness of the pipe. The extruder is adjustable to change the temperature, speed, and pressure settings to achieve the desired thickness and shape. The extruder is an essential part of the Krah pipe production line and is critical to creating a quality, reliable product.

Winding system

The second piece of equipment used in the Krah Pipe production line is the winding system. This system can rotate and move the mandrel forward and revert driven by servo motor under control program. The mandrel rotation speed is driven by servo motor and controlled by control program synchronized with extrusion system.

Automatic Socket and Spigot Milling system

The Krah pipe will be cooled on the cooling station along with mandrel. After cooling, the Krah pipe socket and spigot will be milled to confirm the standard for electrical fusion welding connection or rubber connection. The milling process is fully automatic controlled with PLC and servo motor.

Automatic Dismantle System

The krah pipe will be dismantled from the mandrel after mandrel collapse. The action of front support, middle support, trolley and stacking arm is fully automatic.

Pipe Finishing System

The krah pipe will be transferred to this station after dismantling. Electrical fusion wire installation and milling edge will be cut on this station. The final Krah pipe will be weight and marked.

High speed PP corrugated pipe extrusion line

This machine is to produce the co tube for krah spiral wound pipe as the forming support. It is equipped high speed corrugator with aluminum block, vacuum forming and water cooling. Pipe diameter is from OD21mm to OD130mm. Speed is up to 15m/min.

Krah pipe production is a complex process that requires a variety of specialized equipment. This equipment is designed to ensure that Krah pipe meets the high standards necessary for use in a variety of applications. Understanding the machines and tools used in the production line helps manufacturers to make sure that they are using the right machines and techniques to produce the best product possible. Contact Eagle to learn more.





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