HDPE spiral wound tanks compared with other storage tanks
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HDPE spiral wound tanks compared with other storage tanks

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What are the differences between HDPE tanks and other storage tanks? To answer this question, we need to compare and analyze. At present, people's awareness of HDPE tanks is still only on the surface, just "heard". As for what is HDPE spiral wound tanks, what are its advantages, what role, we do not know.

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l Compared with the traditional stainless-steel tanks

l Compared with PP storage tanks

l In terms of itself

Compared with the traditional stainless-steel tanks

Compared with the traditional stainless-steel tanks, stainless steel tanks, although higher mechanical strength than HDPE tanks. But hazardous chemical storage tanks are generally placed statically, so do not use high mechanical strength of the tank. In terms of maintenance, HDPE seamless winding tank are simple to maintain, easy to use tools, manufacturers can handle themselves. In addition, in the storage of hazardous chemicals, HDPE storage tank high use temperature can reach 100 ℃. And its factory life is normal in about 8-10 years, long service life.

Compared with PP storage tanks

Compared with PP tanks made of the same polypropylene, the main difference lies in the different proportions of the components. The different proportions of the components lead to differences in physical and chemical properties. In addition, there are obvious differences between the two in the processing process. Chemical tank spiral wound HDPE manufacturers use the traditional processing process for plate splicing, manual blow welding. There is also some more semi-automatic processing, such as touch welding machine barrel processing, and automatic welding torch drag welding. The defects of the original processing method lie in the influence of human factors being too great. Coupled with the process itself also has defects. The welding of its barrel will directly lead to the reduction of its strength.

In terms of itself

HDPE seamless winding tanks are formed by spiral winding of rubber strips or rubber tubes on the outer wall of the pipe skeleton. The utility model has a high hardness of the pipe skeleton and the inner and outer wall of the pipe material is corrosion-resistant high-density polyethylene. It is not easy to corrode, rupture, improve the service life; pipe winding wall for the rubber flexible material, there is better impact resistance, easy to restore the original shape. It is a high-quality storage tank.

HDPE seamless winding tank adopts the new spiral winding superposition technology and is made by one molding process. This technology can eliminate the welding seam on the cylinder, and the thickness of the equipment is not limited by the plate. So, the thickness of the lower part of the cylinder to the upper part can be reduced without affecting the integrity of the equipment. At the same time, the top and bottom plates are also welded by an automatic spiral extrusion welding machine, which improves the safety factor and strength. These process technologies not only provide the safety of the HDPE spiral wound tank body but also greatly save the cost and have a unique advantage in terms of price.





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