How much does karh Pipes weigh?
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How much does karh Pipes weigh?

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Some people may know how much karh Pipes played a role in liquid pipeline transportation, but karh Pipes is a strange term for most people, and its various characteristics are not well known. For example, what is the use of karh Pipes? How many times does it have? How to install it?

Content Lists:

  •  What is karh Pipes?

  •  What is the weight of karh Pipes?

  •  What are the uses of karh Pipes?

  •  Karh Pipes connection method

  •  What are the characteristics of Winded Profile Pipes?

  •  What are the advantages of Winded Profile Pipes?

  •  Installation and transportation of karh Pipes

What is karh Pipes?

HDPE / PP profile piping products can be divided into PR, OP, SQ, VW three series, among which: PR, OP- is mainly used as buried drainage pipeline, SQ- is mainly used for manufacturing containers or wells, VW- is mainly used for tees and bends For the head and secondary processing of the pipe fittings, the PR series is the most widely used in the product. The inner surface of the product is smooth and the exterior is a special-shaped reinforced structure. The standard length of the pipe is 6 meters, the inner diameter of the pipe is DN300-DN4000, and the product indexes are up to GB. /T 19472. 2-2017 B-type structural wall pipe standard and EN-13476 European standard requirements.


What is the weight of karh Pipes?

Winded Profile Pipes are extremely lightweight, making it easier and faster to install pipes, because in most cases, karh Pipes do not require heavy machinery for installation and handling. Most of the processing can be done with an on-site excavator.


What are the uses of karh Pipes?

The main uses are: collector pipes, sewage pipes, rainwater pipes, cooling water pipes, landfill pipes, drainage pipes, and lining pipes. It is also possible to produce pipes with special inner layers for different applications; for example, anti-static layers for ventilation pipes to prevent accumulation.


Karh Pipes connection method

1. Fusible connection - This is a joint in which a wire inside the socket is heated by a special welding device so that the two ends are joined together.

2. Rubber seal connection

3. Butt welding connection

4. Flange connection

5. Connection to extrusion welding

6. Pipe fittings - elbows, branches, pumping stations and water tanks

What are the characteristics of Winded Profile Pipes?

Chemical resistance. The profiled tube and fitting are made of the same material and attached to a homogenous piece. Since the Winded Profile Pipes are connected by rubber rings or electrically fused watertight joints, the connections between the joints do not even create weaknesses in the pipes.

Due to its low roughness, as shown in the above figure, the bottom of the Winded Profile Pipes has almost no accumulation, and the shaped tube has the ability to self-purify. Low maintenance has important economic advantages because maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. Due to the low roughness, the hydraulic performance is improved and a smaller diameter is required compared to conventional pipes having the same flow rate. The special-shaped pipe conveying flow rate is 17% higher than that of the concrete pipe and 60% higher than the corrugated steel pipe.


durable. Polyethylene tubing is one of the most wear resistant tubing. This has been tested in the Darmstadt program and the results are shown in the above figure and support the quality of polyethylene and polypropylene tubes.


UV resistant. In general, most natural materials and other plastics degrade due to weathering, especially the combined effects of short-wave ultraviolet radiation on sunlight and atmospheric oxygen. Black polyethylene pipes are permanently resistant to atmospheric corrosion and UV radiation because the polyethylene used contains carbon black, both as a pigment and as a UV stabilizer. Therefore, karh Pipes can be used and stored outside without damaging the pipe material.


Anti-microbial. Polyethylene is not a nutrient medium for bacteria, fungi and spores, so the material is resistant to various forms of microbial attack as well as sulfurous acid and sulfate.


What are the advantages of Winded Profile Pipes?

Durability - HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe has low investment costs and a service life of more than 100 years, reducing operating costs

Save time - 30% savings when laying light and flexible pipes up to 6 meters in length

Maintenance - smooth inner surface greatly reduces maintenance and cleaning costs

Hydraulics - Due to the excellent hydraulic performance of the HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe, smaller pipe diameters can be used compared to current conventional pipe materials.

Tightness - 100% tight connection: no penetration or seepage, no penetration of the welding system

Length - The standard length is 6 meters, which reduces the number of joints.

Integrated fused - every karh Pipes can be integrated with fused

The temperature resistance of the pipe ranges from -40 ° C to +80 ° C.

Environmentally friendly – all materials can be easily recycled and returned to the production cycle.

Flexibility – HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe prevents cracking even when the soil moves.

Easy to operate - due to its light weight, fast assembly and easy operation of the pipe.


Installation and transportation of karh Pipes

HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe does not require large butt welders because they are connected by rubber ring connectors or electrofusion joints.

Installation time is faster than other materials because the standard pipe length is between 5.5 and 6 meters. Fewer lifts mean more time can be saved by unloading and loading the pipe in place.

Since these karh Pipes can be nested, transportation costs can be reduced.


Because karh Pipes is relatively light, it is easy to install or transport. In fact, this is just one of its many advantages. If you need a solid, high-quality Krah Pipe that is rigorously tested, Eagle Machinery can provide you with the best products.





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