How to offset a downpipe?
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How to offset a downpipe?

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The downpipe profile is used to collect rainwater on the roof, which is a component of the downwater system and is concentrated to the rainwater pipe laid below the ground. Downpipe  profiles can be divided into: 1. Metal pipes (such as cast iron pipes, color aluminum pipes, copper pipes, etc.); 2. Plastic pipes (such as PVC pipes, etc.). Today, how to offset the downpipe profiles?How to install downpipe profile at the same time?


How to offset a downpipe profile?

How to install downpipe profile?

The downpipe profiles provided by the company.


How to offset a downpipe profiles?

1. Put on a coat for the water pipe

In the north where the temperature is underground, when the water pipe is antifreeze, you can wrap the water pipe with a layer of cotton and linen cloth for heat preservation. When you wrap the water pipe, you can wrap the water pipe more beautifully. The interested owner can also paint on the water pipe. , This can not only beautify the effect but also protect the water pipe.

2. Increase the indoor temperature

In winter, the indoor temperature is relatively low. If the doors and windows are not taken care of at night, the indoor temperature will be lower, so even the indoor water pipes will be frozen. Therefore, in winter, if you want to prevent the indoor water pipes from being frozen, you can increase the indoor temperature. You can turn on some heating appropriately, or you can choose thicker curtains.

3. Antifreeze by dripping water

We all know that flowing water is not easy to freeze, so the best way to prevent water pipes from freezing is to keep water flowing in the pipes. Although this method can prevent the water pipes from freezing, it will waste some water resources.

4. Drain the remaining water in the water pipe

Since some of the above methods will cause water waste, another method is introduced here, which is to pull down the sluice at home in winter, and then drain the water from the pipe so that there is no overflow in the pipe, but remember to pay attention The sluice keeps warm.


How to install downpipe profiles?

Round downpipe profiles installation

1. Set up fixed brackets at intervals of 1.5-2.0 meters between the downpipe profiles positions indicated on the drawings;

2. After measuring the length of the downpipe profiles, it can be cut with a hacksaw, manual cutting saw, or grinding wheel cutting machine.

3. Use a dry cloth with detergent to clean the outer wall of the downpipe profile and the inner wall of the pipe fittings to remove contaminants;

4. Spread the solvent evenly on the outer wall of the downpipe profile and the inner wall of the pipe fitting, then quickly insert the pipe into the pipe fitting, and rotate it for at least 1/4 turn to ensure that the joint is tight and leak-free;

5. Wipe off the excess solvent after bonding, and fix the downpipe profile in place for a period of time, and not be affected by external forces within 60 minutes;

6. After the pipe fittings are completely bonded, put them in the set bracket and tighten the bracket fixing parts to complete the installation.

Square downpipe profile installation:

1. After measuring the length of the downpipe profile, cut it with a manual saw or a grinding wheel cutter. After sawing, the section should remain flat;

2. Insert the downpipe profile into the pipe fittings, fix it with rivets, and smear the seams with silicone to ensure that the joints are tight and seamless;

3. Place the downpipe profile at the position marked on the drawing and fix it with pipe fittings, stainless steel screws and expansion pipes to complete the installation.


The downpipe profiles provided by the company.

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