How to use the Tank Winding Machine correctly?
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How to use the Tank Winding Machine correctly?

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The tank winding machine is a high-tech composite pipe product with independent intellectual property rights, world leading level, green environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction. The can winder is mainly used as a buried drainage pipe, which integrates the rigidity of the steel strip and the corrosion resistance of the polyethylene, low frictional resistance and wear resistance. As the main product of our company, the tank winding machine is sold well at home and abroad, and has been widely used in key projects such as municipal engineering and sewage treatment plants. So do you really understand the HDPE spiral tanks machine? The following article gives you a brief introduction to the correct use of the can winder, its use, and so on. I hope to help you better understand the tank winding machine.


The main points are as follows:

● What is the HDPE spiral tanks machine

● How to use the fuel tank winding machine correctly

● Use of the machine

● In conclusion


What is the tank winding machine

A tank winding machine is a machine that winds a linear object onto a specific workpiece. It is a new type of machine that has been developed in recent years. In order to meet the requirements of high efficiency and high output, fully automatic models generally adopt multi-head linkage design. Most domestic manufacturers refer to imported models from Taiwan and other places. The design uses a programmable controller as the control core of the device, and cooperates with the robot, pneumatic control components and execution accessories to complete the functions of automatic cable arranging, automatic tangling, automatic thread trimming, automatic loading and unloading of the skeleton, etc. Extremely high, greatly reducing the dependence on labor, an operating staff can look after several such equipment at the same time, the production quality is relatively stable, very suitable for processing applications with high production requirements.


How to control the fuel tank winding machine

The tank winding machine not only has precise mechanical components, but also a powerful electrical control system, which integrates electrical control, sensing technology, mechanical transmission, pneumatic devices and other components. The debugging method is more complicated and finer than other electrical processing equipment. More, the following is a brief introduction to the commissioning of the can winding machine, I hope to help everyone.


① Setting of winding position

What is the winding position? Simply speaking, it is the starting point of the winding on the skeleton. This position is closely related to the coil's head and coil type. It can usually be measured by the measuring function of the equipment control system. The specific value of the position; the operator can also measure manually, using the fixed point as the reference point to actually measure with the ruler, and pay attention to the winding direction of the coil when setting this point.


② The enameled wire specification setting

Our common enameled wire has different wire diameters. The correct setting of the enameled wire line will directly affect the effect of the wire. The enameled wire with different materials needs to be added with different wire diameter correction values. The copper wire is not easy to be thinned, and the correction value is added. The aluminum wire of about 0.02 is easily stretched after passing through the tension of the winding device and the wire passing device, and the correction value is larger than 0.02-0.2.


③ The setting of the winding width

The definition of the winding width is the distance from the position where the winding starts to the end position of the winding. Usually, this value directly reflects the length of the winding that the skeleton needs to be wound. When setting, it is necessary to consider the small deformation amount of the skeleton to be used. The effect of the comprehensive measurement method should be taken as the winding width.


Use of the machine

① Widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronics, electrical appliances, paper, ceramics, chemicals, food, beverages, building materials, etc., HDPE / PP spiral wound cans for palletized goods (eg: using F bulk goods) Container shipping and packaging with bulk pallets can increase logistics efficiency and reduce losses during shipping. It has the advantages of dust, moisture and low packaging costs.


② Suitable for sealed packaging of F-shaped cylindrical products. Suitable for HDPE / PP spiral wound cans in paper, cord fabric, non-woven fabrics and other industries. The rotary table rotates to drive the cylindrical whole rotating goods, and the two power idlers on the turntable drive the white rotation of the cylindrical articles, thereby realizing the winding machine for fully enclosed winding and packaging goods, which can improve the logistics efficiency and reduce the loading process. loss. It has good dust and moisturizing effects.


③ HDPE spiral can machine for paper making, cord fabric, non-woven fabric and other industries, which drives the white rotation of the drum-shaped article through two power idlers on the turntable, and then realizes the winding machine to be wrapped with a radial cylindrical surface. It is suitable for spirally wrapping the circular surface of the drum-like object. It can improve the efficiency of logistics, reduce the loss during the loading process, and has the advantages of dustproof, moisture-proof and low packaging cost.


④ The plastic winding, aluminum profile, sheet, pipe, dyeing and textile industry, the can winder, refers to the rotation of the goods moving evenly on the horizontal plane through the rotating arm system, while adjusting the expansion force of the package. The material is wrapped into a solid whole by a stretching mechanism, and a spiral regular packaging winder is formed on the surface of the object, which can improve packaging efficiency and reduce the loading process. It has the advantages of dust, moisture and low packaging costs.


The above is the role of the tank winding machine in various fields.



In addition, the market development prospects of tank winding machine are also favored by all walks of life. As packaging machinery manufacturers increasingly focus on developing fast, low-cost packaging equipment, equipment is small, flexible, versatile, and efficient. The HDPE spiral tanks machine market is receiving more and more attention in actual production. This trend also includes saving time and reducing costs. Therefore, the packaging industry is pursuing simple and mobile packaging equipment. Our company's tank winding machines and other programs are widely used for automated operation. If you need a suitable tank winder, please consider us.





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