Is HDPE Toxic
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Is HDPE Toxic

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Plastic containers contain many chemicals, some of which have been identified as potentially hazardous. High density polyethylene, which is also known as HDPE, is a tougher and more durable plastic than many other polymers. This durable plastic is used in a variety of applications, from drink bottles, grocery bags to water pipes. The worries always linger people’s mind, such as Is HDPE safe or not or Does HDPE have a negative impact on health.


In fact, considering the question of whether plastics can be used healthily is to consider whether the plastics used contain these two chemicals: bisphenol A and phthalates. Both chemicals interfere with the hormones of animals and humans. In summary, the harmful effect of bisphenol A is greater than that of phthalate. From the perspective of the researchers, phthalates are safe. Whether the plastic container contains bisphenol A or phthalate depends on its type. You can avoid the use of plastics containing such substances by knowing in advance.


Of course, HDPE is non-toxic because it contains neither bisphenol A nor phthalates nor other harmful chemicals. Products made from HDPE are not hazardous and these products are recycled after use. In daily life, HDPE is often used to package foods because it complies with the regulations of Food and Drug Administration, US. Although almost all food containers are made of HDPE, not all of these food containers are safe. The main problems may exist in the process of produce and recycle.


Because HDPE is still derived from oil, so the secondary health and environmental risks it produces and the limited amount of recycling remain important factors which need consideration. In addition, HDPE can be dangerous during the manufacturing process without proper care and precautions. Because the resin generates steam when heated, polyethylene dust or resin can cause eye irritation. In the process of manufacturing HDPE, the staff should take protective measures to avoid accidents.


You may also want to know if HDPE tank is safe to transfer or store water, the answer is yes. But it also has related requirements. If HDPE tanks are made of FDA-approved food grade BPA-free virgin resin, tanks and piping made from HDPE are safe for storing or transporting potable water. The HDPE pipes and tanks provided by our company are subject to applicable laws and safety regulations and comply with the standards of living use. High-density polyethylene containers usually carry the symbol "HDPE", which is easier for you to choose them by this sign. You can also contact your supplier to get more details about its raw material.


Due to its non-toxicity and high durability, HDPE has become a commonly used material in commercial buildings. The HDPE products produced by eagle company are suitable for areas that are considered to be particularly sensitive by the public, such as hospitals and schools. Using our HDPE products can effectively protect your health and create a good environment for you. Not only that, HDPE products are very easy to clean, so you don't have to use harmful chemicals.


HDPE presents the perfect character in commercial buildings. Because HDPE is a highly durable plastic, it can be scratched externally. In commercial bathrooms, HDPE is used to make bathroom partitions, which are also used in locker rooms to provide customers with security and privacy while demonstrating perfect features.


EAGLE Company specializes in the development and manufacture of HDPE profiles, tanks and related accessories with proven technology and core equipment. If you have a need on HDPE, please contact us in time, we will try our best to provide you with a satisfactory service to meet your existing needs.





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