Is HDPE better than PVC?
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Is HDPE better than PVC?

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We all know that many of the upper and lower water pipes in general households are now called PVC pipes, which are white plastic pipes. There is also a commonly used HDPE pipe, which is generally called a PE pipe by a plumber. If we lay our own pipeline, which pipe should we choose? Well, let's see what is the difference between HDPE pipe and PVC pipe.


  • Is HDPE pipe better than PVC pipe?

  • The HDPE Pipe provided by the company.


1. Is HDPE better than PVC?

  • Material

PVC pipe (polyvinyl chloride) is a pipe made by polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer. PVC is a polymer that uses the lowest petroleum raw material compared with other polymers. And HDPE pipe (high density polyethylene) is a pipe made of high density polyethylene. Polyethylene itself is a polymer composed of long-chain ethylene monomers.

  • Elasticity

Compared with HDPE pipe, PVC pipe has lower elasticity. In order to make this PVC pipe elastic, plasticizers are usually used. But the addition of this substance is considered dangerous, so it is best to avoid it. If you want to make it elastic, you can also heat it up a bit, but this elasticity is only temporary when it is still hot. The HDPE pipe is very flexible and can be bent at any angle without joints.

PVC pipe and HDPE pipe have long-lasting performance, except that the PVC pipe is white, if it is often covered with moss for a long time. Although PVC pipe has the property of absorbing heat, it will become more curved if placed in an area exposed to sunlight. Unlike high-density polyethylene pipes, it cannot overgrow moss and is heat resistant, so it will not bend even when exposed to sunlight.

  • Features

Both have drainage function, and only PVC pipes allow cold water installation. And HDPE pipe can be used to install hot or cold water.

  • Price

You might think of using HDPE pipes instead of PVC pipes because they have various advantages. Don't make a decision immediately without considering the last point. Yes, in terms of price, compared with HDPE pipe, PVC pipe is cheaper. Perhaps this is one of the factors that make PVC pipes still have not lost their fans.

Although HDPE pipes have many advantages over PVC pipes, in terms of cost performance, most households use PVC pipes for water supply and drainage. In addition, there are now PVC pipes specially designed for hot water, so if you use it to transport hot water, you can consider it. The merchant will tell you and the plumber will remind you.


2. The HDPE Pipe provided by the company.

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