Manufacturing process of HDPE spiral tank
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Manufacturing process of HDPE spiral tank

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HDPE spiral tanks are used to store refined chemicals such as acids, alkalis, alcohols, gases and liquids. HDPE spiral tanks are widely used in North China, including: polyethylene spiral cans, polypropylene spiral cans, glass fiber spiral cans, ceramic spiral cans, rubber spiral cans, stainless steel spiral cans, etc. The following is a reference for the production process of HDPE spiral tank.


The production process of HDPE spiral tanks.

The HDPE spiral tank provided by the company.


1. Suitable for the forming of large and super large parts of HDPE spiral tanks

In most plastic molding processes, the plastic and the mold are under high pressure (pressure) during the molding process, such as injection molding, compression molding, extrusion molding and plastic spraying, etc. They are widely used. Therefore, when using these molding processes to produce large plastic parts, not only must the mold that can withstand greater pressure be used, which will make the mold large and complex, but also the plastic molding equipment must be firmly designed and manufactured, and the processing increased accordingly. Difficulty of mold manufacturing. On the contrary, because the rotational molding process only requires the strength of the frame to support the material, the weight of the mold and the frame itself, and the clamping force to prevent material leakage, even for the rotational molding of large and super large plastic parts. The anti-corrosion tank does not need to use heavy equipment, the processing and manufacturing of molds and molds are very convenient, the manufacturing cycle is short, and the cost is low.

Theoretically, there is almost no upper limit on the size of parts formed by a rotational molding process. But it is easily restricted by production conditions and road transportation. However, without expensive and huge blow molding equipment, it is impossible to produce such a large HDPE spiral tank.

HDPE spiral tank is a full-plastic structure corrosion-resistant atmospheric storage tank manufactured by spiral extrusion winding technology. The structure of HDPE spiral tank is divided into two types: vertical and horizontal. The vertical is divided into vertical with hanging ears, vertical with feet and vertical with flat bottom. Compared with the one-time molding process, the spiral extrusion winding technology has good strength and strong designability.

Features of HDPE spiral tank:

1.HDPE spiral tank has high production efficiency.

2.HDPE spiral tank has good integrity, no joints, good corrosion resistance and leakage resistance.

3.The HDPE spiral tank is flat and beautiful, and the tank body is thinner and thicker, reducing the price.

4.The size and shape of HDPE spiral tank are not limited.


The HDPE spiral tank provided by the company.

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