Product overview of spiral wound pipe machine
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Product overview of spiral wound pipe machine

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The spiral wound pipe machine is a new product that replaces the metal spring for the protection of traditional hoses. The spiral wound pipe machine is generally made of nylon or polypropylene.


Here is the content list:

Advantages of spiral wound pipe machine

Production equipment introduction

Production Process

Main application




Advantages of spiral wound pipe machine

The spiral wound pipe machine's spiral wound pipe has good wear resistance, anti-aging, and anti-corrosion performance corresponding to the traditional metal spring protection products; the spiral wound pipe machine can effectively prevent the outer surface of the hose from aging and corrosion. Spiral wound pipe machine has better convenience, environmental protection, and energy-saving effect than rubber hose spring protection products and other sheath products. The inner surface of the spiral wound pipe machine is generally flat, and the outer surface is divided into two types: flat and curved.


Production equipment introduction

The large-diameter spiral wound pipe machine produced by the joint plastic machine uses high-density polyethylene as the main raw material. The first extruder extrudes the round pipe into a square pipe by the shaping cooler, and then enters the spiral wound pipe machine. At the same time, the second spiral wound pipe machine extrudes the melted tape to bond the square pipe in the form of spiral wire, the specification is φ200-3000mm. The maximum production speed of a spiral wound pipe machine can reach 25 meters per hour, which is the fastest in China. At the same time, we developed a steel-plastic composite spiral wound pipe machine production line based on the spiral wound pipe machine equipment.


Production Process

The production of spiral wound pipe machines adopts a heat setting process, which is generally divided into two types: primary setting and secondary setting processing.

One-time shaping process: the nylon or plastic granular material used to make a spiral wound pipe machine is heated and plasticized by the plastic extruder into thin strips. The strips are extruded from the die of the spiral wound pipe machine without cooling by water. That is, it is wound on the core rods of different specifications clamped by the spiral wound pipe machine, and then is cooled and shaped by cooling water and then separated from the core rod to form a spiral sheath.

Secondary molding process: the nylon or plastic particles used for spiral wound pipe machine winding pipes are extruded through the extruder and then enter the cooling water for cooling; the cooled long strips are wound by spiral wound pipe machine to mandrels of different specifications On; then push the mandrel into the vulcanizing tank to heat and vulcanize. After a certain period, the can is out of the can and the mandrel can be separated to form.


Main application

The spiral wound pipe machine is mainly used in various engineering machinery and mining hydraulic equipment and the protection of wires and cables with wear resistance requirements. Because the spiral wound pipe machine can completely cover the product to be protected, it forms an effective abrasion and anti-ultraviolet protection effect, while the spiral wound pipe machine has many rods outside the body to protect it.


Eagle Machinery Co., Ltd's spiral pipe winding machine The winding pipe of the spiral pipe winding machine has good wear resistance, anti-aging, and anti-corrosion properties corresponding to traditional metal spring protection products, and the service life has been effectively improved. Welcome to consult and purchase.







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