The advantages and selection method of profiles pipe
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The advantages and selection method of profiles pipe

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Nowadays, the use of profiles pipes is more and more widespread. With their remarkable advantages, profiles pipe are warmly loved by people. Next, let us understand the advantages and selection methods of profiles pipe. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l Its advantages.

l Its selection method.

Its advantages.

First, the surface hardness and tensile strength of profiles pipe are excellent, so its safety factor is high. Second, profiles pipe have good aging resistance, and the normal service life can reach more than 50 years. Third, profiles pipe have excellent corrosion resistance to inorganic acids, alkalis, and salts. They are not only used for civil drainage pipes, rainwater, sewer pipe systems, irrigation systems, etc. But also suitable for industrial sewage discharge and transportation. Fourth, the coefficient of friction of profiles pipe is small, the water flow is smooth, it is not easy to be blocked, and the maintenance workload is small. Fifth, the linear expansion coefficient of profiles pipe is small, 0.07mm/℃, and the amount of deformation affected by temperature is small. The thermal conductivity and elastic modulus are small, and the anti-freezing performance is better than that of cast iron drain pipes. Sixth, profiles pipe and pipe fittings can be connected by bonding, with a simple construction method, convenient operation, and high installation efficiency.

Its selection method.

First, go to the regular building materials market to buy according to needs, so that the quality of profiles pipe is more guaranteed. The second is to check the surface of the profile sewer pipe to see if its appearance is smooth and even. You can touch it with your hand to see if the hand feels fine; at the same time, see if the water pipe is marked with the manufacturer's anti-counterfeiting mark. If not, it is best not to buy it. The third is to look at the color of the water pipes. The high-quality stainless steel water pipes are generally silver-white, and the black ones are generally not acid-base passivation treatment, which is easy to scale. Fourth, the profiles pipe should smell the smell of the water pipe. If the water pipe has a pungent smell, it means that the quality of the water pipe is not good. A high-quality water pipe will not have a pungent smell. Fifth, pay attention to the connection method of metal pipes. Generally, simple self-locking circlip-type connections are used in households.

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