What Are Specifications of Krah Pipe?
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What Are Specifications of Krah Pipe?

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Krah pipes

Krah pipes are widely used in our daily life. It is also known as HDPE/PP Profiled Pipe, Winded Profile Pipes and Bauku Pipe. In many occasions we need to select and buy suitable Krah pipes. And today, let me help you to have a ground understanding of specification of Krah pipes.

What are the specifications of HDPE/PP Profiled Pipe? How much is the price of one meter of Krah pipe? These are the issues we are concerned about. Knowing the specifications helps us to choose Krah pipes which are what we exactly need. Today we are going to present a list of Krah pipe specifications model.

Standard GB/ t19472.2-2004 b-type wall structure tube for Krah pipe.

Bauku Pipe both hot winding high density polyethylene winding structure wall tube, with high density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, after extrusion molding for square tube, then through winding, welding processes such as manufacturing and into a wall spiral coil pipe, have weight light, stiffness big, good toughness and corrosion resistance, impact resistance, easy to transport installation, high transmission rate, energy saving, long life and other advantages. It is a flexible pipe. Its inner diameter is generally 200-3000mm, the length is generally no more than 12m, it is a new type of plastic pipe in recent years, especially suitable for large diameter drainage, sewage pipe engineering, can be widely used in municipal, industrial, civil and public buildings rain sewage discharge.

Basic parameters of cratered Krah pipes:

Full name: HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe

Specifications: DN300, DN400, DN500, DN600, DN700, DN900, DN1000, DN1100, DN1200, DN1200, DN1400, DN1500, DN1600, DN1600, DN1700, DN1800, DN1800, DN1900, DN2000, DN2200, DN2400, DN2600, DN2800, DN3000

Material: HDPE

Ring stiffness (KN / ㎡) : SN8, SN10, SN12.5, SN16 (gain carat tube up to 20 KN / ㎡, turns the soil depth of 20 m.)

Internal pressure grade: 0.3mpa, maximum pressure up to 0.45mpa.

Flexibility: 183m can be coiled into a circle.

Standard: GB/T 19472.2-2004

Use: drainage, sewage

Color: black

Standard: the HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe must comply with the b-type structure wall pipe specified in GB/ t19472.2-2004;

Connection: the HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe adopts socket type electric welding connection of winding pipe.

Main raw materials: non-toxic and harmless high-density polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) corrugated pipe as the top of the framework of the pipe, mixing a certain ratio of color masterbatch for scientific and uniform proportion.

Krah pipe product classification:

Krah pipe products can be divided into PR, OP, SQ, VW three series, including: PR, OP - mainly used for underground pipes, SQ - mainly used in the manufacture of container or CMC, VW - is mainly used for tee, elbow, secondary processing and forming of pipe fittings, the product is most used in PR series, the product inside surface is smooth, external adds structure to the special shape pipe standard length is 6 meters, pipe diameter range of DN200 - DN3000, product indexes reach the standard of GB/T type B structure wall tube and PREN - 13476 European standard requirements.

Eagle Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer to produce large diameter HDPE/PP spiral profiled pipe and production line. We have successfully provided all of the world with profiled pipe production line from DN300mm to DN4000mm and have more than 8 years experience. For more Krah pipe service, please rest assured to contact us.





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