What Type of Pipe is Used for Drainage?
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What Type of Pipe is Used for Drainage?

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It is well known that water is very precious and water is an integral part of peopleundefineds lives, and pipes that promote the transfer of water from one place to another are called drainage pipes. The most common drain today is a PVC and a HDPE profile pipe

In addition to these, however, there are various other conduit for manipulating waste water flow. The drainage pipeline is also important for family life, and when the drainage pipe and the water pipe do not work normally, it is impossible to cook, clean or do a lot of things. Therefore, it is very important to choose the drainage pipe.

Now let me show you type of pipe is used for drainage.

1. PVC

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. Among the different types of plastic pipes used for water supply, PVC has a variety of plumbing applications from drains to pipes. PVC is also common in swimming pools and spa systems. PVC is usually white but can also be in other colors. You can usually judge the purpose of the pipe by the color and markings on it. For example, purple pipes with black letters are used for recycled water. PVC also has various thicknesses called timetables. Schedule 40 is the most common allocation of water. PVC is usually used only for cold pipes. Many municipalities forbid the use of PVC in hot pipes because heat could eventually destroy the plastic. Before using PVC pipes as hot water pipes, be sure to check the local code limits. If PVC works for drinking water (potable water) and non-potable water in the same building, it should always be clearly marked. The PVC connection is made by using a soft PVC primer and then using PVC glue to melt the joint and pipe together.

2. Corrugated polyethylene drain pipe

Corrugated drains are powerful, durable and cost-effective solutions for good drainage systems. In addition, polyethylene is a chemical inert plastic, with strong corrosion and wear resistance. These types of drains have proved well to withstand some of the worst environmental conditions and extreme weather. In fact, about 90% of drainage pipes are made of corrugated polyethylene.

3. ABS

ABS. Since 1975, plastic pipes have been a low-cost, easy-to-repair substitute for metal materials. Alternatively known as the Black Pipe, ABS is the first plastic pipe form used in residential buildings. Although the surface has rust-proof surfaces, in the long run, the material is not as durable as metal. In some areas, ABS is now banned from building new homes.


Double-walled high density polyethylene (HDPE) has a certain flexibility, but because of its double-layer structure, it is more resistant to breakage-smooth interior and wavy outside. Smooth interior space is easy to clean; any debris inside is easy to pass through. This is Garrett Churchillundefineds favorite for a long time. Smooth walls combined with a variety of sizes (4 "- 12" and larger) make this a great (and economical) choice.

It is important to install the appropriate piping for your drainage system to ensure the success of the project. Each foot should be at least 1/4 inches to ensure that water moves through the pipe and does not clog or freeze in winter. Taken into account, we can see that HDPE profile pipe is a high cost-effective choice.

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