What are the applications of HDPE Pipes?
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What are the applications of HDPE Pipes?

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Nowadays, with the increasing use of plastic pipes, the market demand is increasing day by day, prompting more and more manufacturers to invest in HDPE pipe production. At this time, we need to have a deeper understanding of PP Profiled Pipe. So, what exactly is it ? What better than other types of features? In which areas can we use HDPE pipes? We will briefly introduce them below, and hope to help you better understand HDPE pipes.


The main points are as follows:

※ What is HDPE pipe

※ HDPE pipeline characteristics

※ HDPE pipeline application

※ Conclusion


What is HDPE pipe

The craggy tube, also known as high-density polyethylene wall thermal winding tube, is a new kind of special wall tube, which is made by high-density polyethylene thermal winding molding process. This product USES high density polyethylene resin (HDPE) as raw material, PP or PE bellows as auxiliary support pipe, and USES hot winding forming process to produce high density polyethylene large-diameter winding reinforced pipe. Since this kind of pipeline was originally introduced by the domestic company of the German kra company, it is commonly called kra pipe in China.


HDPE pipeline characteristics

(1) Light weight

The hot-structured wall-wound tube is very lightweight and can be easily transported during installation, reducing the use of the crane at many engineering sites, thus reducing installation costs.


(2) Convenient and reliable connection

The pipe will produce the socket in the production process, so it can be connected by electric fusion or rubber ring. Ensure that the seal is leak-free after pipe construction.


(3) Chemical resistance

The corrugated pipe and the matching pipe fittings are made of the same material (generally high-density polyethylene or polypropylene), so they can withstand the erosion of a variety of chemical media and do not require anti-corrosion treatment. In addition, it does not promote the growth of algae, bacteria or fungi, and has a service life of 100 years.


(4) High flexibility of the ring

The carat tube has a very high ring flexibility. When the force is applied, the carat tube will transfer the load to the surrounding soil due to the deformation of the force. The soil will exert the opposite force and bear the load on the carat tube. However, the steel pipe (cement pipe) will bear the force generated by the load when it is stressed, and cannot transmit the force to the surrounding soil through the deformation. When the load is too large, permanent deformation and damage will occur.


Of course, in addition to the above features, HDPE pipes have other outstanding features, such as convenient transportation, good wear resistance, and 100% recycling.


HDPE pipeline application

HDPE pipe is an environmentally safe product with strong pressure bearing capacity, high interface quality and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in urban water supply, drainage, long-distance water transportation and farmland irrigation. Compared with other materials, Buku Pipe is light in weight and good in overall flexibility. It is also the preferred pipe for buried sewage drainage.


(1) Application in urban drainage engineering

Because HDPE pipe has the characteristics of light weight, convenient installation, reliable interface, safe construction and low requirements on pipe base, it can be quickly laid. When urban construction and reconstruction of drainage pipes, it is often necessary to temporarily change drainage or traffic on a certain section. It is particularly busy, and it is difficult to construct during the day. It can only be built at night. At this time, due to the above advantages of HDPE pipe, it is often used in emergency, emergency and temporary projects.


(2) Long distance water delivery

With the development of the national economy, the development of mineral resources is becoming more and more powerful. Many resources are abundant, but the desolate land that nobody cares about due to drought and water shortage has gradually become a hot land. The first step of development is to solve the water. The problem, while long-distance pipeline water delivery, is the first choice for water diversion in arid regions. The choice of which pipe to use determines the safety and economy of the project. Because HDPE pipes are characterized by safety, durability, economical rationality, and convenient construction, many construction parties are the priority targets.


(3) Farmland irrigation and irrigation

With the rapid development of the economy, society is constantly improving. Developing a circular economy and building a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society is the inevitable way to ensure that we human beings can enjoy the civilization achievements they have created for a long time. Therefore, various resource-saving and environmentally-friendly products have been continuously developed and entered the market. Therefore, the method of irrigation and irrigation of farmland is increasingly encouraged by the government and favored by people. Because the corrosion resistance of HDPE pipes is particularly strong compared to other types of pipes, and its flexibility is also very good, it has been chosen by more people.


Therefore, it is the existence of this trend, the application of practical, environmentally friendly and safe HDPE pipes is developing rapidly. We have adopted a full set of imported automatic extrusion production lines for German pipes, and our products are widely used in municipal drainage, water supply, gas and other fields. If you want to choose a high quality Winded Profile Pipe, please choose us. If you have any doubts about HDPE pipe during the purchase process, please consult us in 





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