What is Profile Wall Pipe?
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What is Profile Wall Pipe?

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Now is a modern society, high-rise buildings everywhere, building materials are particularly important, often in some websites to see such professional terms: HDPE profile pipes, most of the current installation of HDPE profile pipes in the United States using solid wall profile manufacturing.


The technology for producing solid wall tubes is relatively simple, and the manufacturing equipment required to produce solid wall tubes is available from a variety of manufacturers. Using solid wall products to enter the market requires very little research and development costs. The next article is for me to tell you what is profile wall pipe.


The HDPE profile pipe is a high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, nominal from 18 inches to 120 inches with integral rubber gaskets and sockets. The HDPE profile pipe is usually spirally rotated by extruding flat polyethylene strips onto the pipe. Adjacent bands overlap and are pressure-connected bands that are still hot. The second profile extrudates are then wrapped over the HDPE profile pipe, although the shell is still very hot. Socket slots and clock surfaces are machined and removed from the mandrel after the pipe segment is cooled.


HDPE profile pipe also has quality issues including poor joint tolerances, resulting in rubber gasket joints either not being together or leaking and having to be welded in the field after polyethylene is added. If the shell of the pipe cools too much before extruding the section, the bonding effect is poor. In a few cases, this results in ribs or parts of the configuration file that are separated from the shell after installation.


The initial stiffness of this HDPE profile pipe is very low, especially in larger sizes. For example, a 48-inch Class 40 Spirolite tube has an initial stiffness of about 5 psi, compared to a SDR 35 smooth-walled PVC tube with a pressure of 46 psi. The stiffness of long-term (50 years) typical HDPE profile pipe is about 1/6 of the initial stiffness. In contrast, the long-term strength of PVC decreased to 1/3 of the initial stiffness. Due to low initial stiffness and long-term performance changes, excessive deflection and flat spots sometimes occur which may seriously damage bending strength.


The hydraulic factors of  HDPE profile pipe are excellent, the wall is smooth and the joints are few. The laboratory has observed a clean water "n" value of 0.010. The specific similar value of the pipeline is 0.010. The site (design) value of the sanitary sewer or Rain Water discharge should be the same as that of the concrete pipes, 0.013 and 0.012, respectively, due to their effects on fittings, structures, bending, wall accumulation and deposition.


Corrosion resistance HDPE profile pipe can resist the corrosion of most acids. Small diameter HDPE profile pipe has been used in the United States for 15 to 20 years of natural gas pressure services and water services rarely fail. Under the high stress level, HDPE profile pipe will be subjected to environmental stress cracking and there are detergents. Installation may result in high stress horizontal tubes becoming square or other shapes, including flat spots. HDPE will absorb gasoline or other hydrocarbons and the material will be absorbed to soften and lose strength.


HDPE profile pipe is rapidly becoming the preferred material for engineers and contractors working in aquaculture, agriculture, energy, natural gas, geothermal, industrial, landfill, marine, mining, municipal landfill and entertainment.


So if you are interested in HDPE profile pipe, you can choose Eagle Machinery Co., Ltd., specializing in the development and manufacture of HDPE / PP profile pipes, cans, accessories, manhole inspection and other technologies and equipment, has successfully provided the world with DN300mm to DN4000mm special pipe production line, And have more than 8 years of experience.





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