What is the HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine?
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What is the HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine?

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Tank Winding Machine is a kind of high - tech compound pipe product which is widely used in our country. Do you know what the pot winding machine is and what are the types of the pot winding machine?


Content Lists:

1 What is the HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine?

2 What is the connection mode of the Tank Winding Machine?

3 What is the size of the HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine?

4 What is the application of the HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine?


What is the HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine?

Tank Winding Machine is our own intellectual property rights, the world's leading level, green environmental protection, energy saving and consumption of high-tech composite pipe products. Tank Winding Machine is mainly used as buried drainage pipe, which integrates the rigidity of steel belt and the corrosion resistance of polyethylene, low friction resistance and abrasion resistance.


HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine is also known as winding packaging machine, divided into tray winding machine, no tray winding machine and horizontal winding machine. Widely used in chemical industry, electronics, refractory materials, glass products, paper, hardware, food and beverage industries. N. The packaging of spare parts pallets can prevent the damage of the goods in the process of handling, and play the role of dustproof, moisture-proof and cleaning. Tank type winding machine is roughly divided into seven series, mainly including T tray winding machine series, R series cantilever coiling machine, H series annular coil winding machine, Y series of drum winding machine, W series cylinder type winding machine, S series - horizontal winding machine and NT series - no tray winding machine, the variety of coiling machine series are widely used in various fields, for facilitating the production and manufacturing industries.


What is the connection mode of the Tank Winding Machine?

The connection mode of Tank Winding Machine is divided into clip type elastic connection and electric hot melt belt connection. Different connections require different sizes of HDPE/PP Spiral Winding Tank Machine.


Clamped elastic connections require that there shall be no less than two welded plastic sealing blocks in the internal sealing area of the spiral groove at the end of the pipe. The height of the sealing block is the same as that of the reinforcing rib. The connection structure consists of three layers. The inner layer is the thin-walled rubber sleeve, and the tight sleeve ACTS as the sealing of the end of the pipe. The middle layer is foam rubber plate, with a certain thickness of elasticity, fill.


Through its deformation, the fastening pressure of the external stainless steel bending pin can be evenly transferred to the internal sealing rubber plate, thus eliminating the uneven surface of the tube end, the uneven height of ribs and ellipses. The outer layer is an open stainless steel looper. The fastening force of the bending needle on the rubber sleeve of the inner ring can be adjusted by the fastening bolt on the bending needle to ensure the seal. At the same time, the stainless steel looper can compensate for the ring stiffness of the connector. The pipe. In order to ensure the same life of stainless steel fixture and pipeline, the second anti-corrosion treatment was carried out. The connection method is suitable for plastic steel coil with diameter Dn less than 1200mm.


The melt zone connection is a method of fusing the end of two plastic steel winding pipes and the electric heat zone into a whole by using the high temperature generated by the charged element embedded on the surface of the electric heat zone.


Electrothermal strip connection is a method of connecting the contact surfaces as a whole by using the high temperature generated by the electrification of the heating element embedded on the surface of the hot-melt strip. The electrothermal melting strip is a kind of plastic strip, its width and thickness must be greater than the wall thickness of the tube, the length is greater than the circumference of the tube. On one side of the plastic strip, a loop of wire mesh is embedded in the surface. Place the electro-thermal melting strip on the inner wall of the connecting pipe end, and press and bond the electro-thermal melting strip to the inner wall of the pipe through special tools. A special power supply is used to provide electricity for the electro-thermal melting strip. Due to the thermal effect of the current, the wall of the melting tube and the surface of the hot melt belt form a whole, forming a reliable connection after cooling. The connection method is suitable for plastic steel wound pipe with diameter Dn (> 1200mm).


What is the size of the HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine?

Different connections must require different sizes of HDPE spiral tank machine, its use must be different. Wrong sizing can lead to a number of problems, so it is wise to choose the right Tank Winding Machine connection mode based on the right method and the right size.


What is the application of the HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine?

The purpose of the Tank Winding Machine varies according to the type and application field. Its main objectives are:


1. HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine are used in glass products, hardware tools, electronics, electrical appliances, papermaking, ceramics, chemical, food, beverages, building materials industries, pallet packing is suitable for HDPE/PP Spiral Winding Tank Machine (such as: using F bulk cargo container transport and with bulk pallet packaging, etc.) can improve the efficiency of logistics and reduce the loss in the process of shipment. It has the advantages of dustproof, moisture-proof and low packing cost.

2. All HDPE/PP Spiral Winding Tank Machine are suitable for winding machines that are light, high and unstable products or overweight goods after stacking, thus realizing the winding and packaging of goods. The machine is flexible in installation, can be put on the wall, or fixed by the bracket, and can be connected with the conveying line to meet the needs of pipeline operation.

3. HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine are suitable for sealing packaging of F cylindrical products. It is suitable for HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine in paper making, cord fabric, non-woven fabric and other industries. The rotary wheel drives the cylinder to rotate the goods, and the two power idlers on the rotary wheel drive the white rotation of the cylindrical goods, so as to realize the winding machine for completely wrapping and packaging the goods, which can improve the logistics efficiency and reduce the losses in the loading process. It has good dustproof and moisturizing effect.


This paper introduces the type, size, and application of the Tank Winding Machine, hoping to help you to have more understanding of the HDPE/PP Spiral Winding Tank Machine so as to select qualified Tank Winding Machine supplier. If you are looking for safe, high quality and reasonable price HDPE Spiral Tanks Machine, Eagle Machinery can provide you with the best products.





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