Why is the Krah pipe widely used?
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Why is the Krah pipe widely used?

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Do you know Krah pipes? winded profile pipes is used as a pipe with ultra-high performance and environmentally friendly materials, and is used in many fields. Maybe at your feet, there is a Krah pipes working quietly. There are many people who are curious, there are many pipes for environmentally friendly materials, why winded profile pipes is used so widely; what makes it stand out. This article will explore this issue.


This article contains the following:

1 Krah pipe material

2 Performance characteristics of HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe 

3 Conclusion


1. HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe material

HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe are high-density polyethylene structural wall hot-wound tubes, HDPE-wound structural wall tubes, which are a new type of profiled structural wall tube made of high-density polyethylene hot-wound forming process. The carat tube products are mainly made of high-density polyethylene resin (HDPE), with PP or PE bellows as auxiliary support tubes, and high-density polyethylene large-diameter wound reinforced tubes produced by hot-wound forming process.


2. The performance characteristics of HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe

l Hot winding molding has high quality

The flat strip and the U-shaped strip which are extruded from the extruder die are uniformly wound on the heated drum mold at a predetermined position to ensure the quality of the structural wall tube weld seam. In particular, the welded joint of the flat strip in the structural design is covered by the polyethylene-coated support tube, which improves the overall resistance of the product to external pressure.


l Excellent installation performance

The pipe connection adopts the pre-embedded electric fuse in the socket and the material is socketed and fused to the connection technology, and the connection quality is high. It can achieve 100% no leakage, ensuring the same life and safety of the pipeline system. At the same time, because the product is lighter than other pipes under the same application conditions, it is easy to transport, and the construction is convenient and quick, which can reduce the construction cost. In the application range, the concrete cushion and the concrete pipe foundation groove can be directly applied after being qualified. Basically, it is done to excavate, side down, and backfill, simplifying the construction process and shortening the construction period. In the project acceptance, the closed gas test is used instead of the closed water test, which not only speeds up the acceptance speed, but also saves the complicated work and a large amount of test cost in the closed water test.


l Better flexibility

The high-density polyethylene wound structural wall pipe has good flexibility in macroscopic view, and the local pipe section has strong rigidity and overall resistance to external pressure, and can ensure safe passage when used under an over heavy load road surface. Due to the flexibility of the pipe, the occurrence of earthquakes, uneven surface settlement and other geological activities can also minimize the damage of the pipeline damage, thereby improving the ability of the public facilities to mitigate earthquakes and reduce disasters.



It can be recycled and recycled. It is a green raw material. The main raw material of the structural wall tube is high-density polypropylene. It has no toxicity. No dye is produced in the production process. The waste pipeline can be recycled and reused 100%. Is an environmentally safe green product


l Anti-corrosion, anti-aging

High density polyethylene has excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and erosion. Therefore, the wound structural wall pipe does not need to be treated when it is transporting corrosive fluid or in corrosive soil, and the performance is much better than other pipes. In the design process, the product selects a reasonable product structure to ensure that the service life of the plastic pipe is more than 50 years, and maintenance-free during the life.


l The inner wall of the pipe has a low roughness and a large amount of water.

The roughness N of the inner wall of the product around the structural wall tube is about 0.010, so the fluid is smaller than the friction when transporting the fluid. Compared with other pipes of the same inner diameter, the water delivery can be greatly improved under the same conditions of use. Therefore, the wound pipe having a smaller inner diameter can be used instead of the cement pipe having a larger inner diameter. In the application, the engineering and reliability of the winding structure wall pipe under the same conditions will be improved compared with the traditional pipe material, and the comprehensive benefits are obvious, especially in the construction site narrow, densely built, complex underground pipelines and busy traffic sections, and in acid It is more advantageous when laying alkaline soil.


3. Conclusion

As mentioned above, Krah pipes are very comprehensive in performance and in line with the concept of building a green earth. The widespread use of such pipelines is really a matter of course. It can be said that while choosing winded profile pipes, we are also committed to China's environmental protection cause. We will use such environmentally friendly materials to make our earth have a wider blue sky and blue sky.





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