Advantage of HDPE Profile Spiral Wounded Pipe
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Advantage of HDPE Profile Spiral Wounded Pipe

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The plastic pipe is widely used for sewer, storm water drainage application in the world. There are many types of plastic pipe such as HDPE/PP double wall corrugated pipe, HDPE hollow profile pipe and HDPE/PP profile spiral wounded pipe (Krah pipe), etc. The photo and wall structure are as follows.

HDPE Double wall corrugated pipe.



HDPE hollow profile wounded pipe


HDPE/PP profile spiral wounded pipe



Comparison of these pipe

Profile spiral pipe Hollow wall pipe Corrugated pipe
Diameter DN300-DN4000 DN300-DN3000 DN200-DN1800
Ring stiffness

SN2 to SN32

No limitation for ring stiffness
SN2 to SN8 SN2 to SN8(less than DN1000, bigger diameter cannot reach SN8)
Life time 100year if the connection is welding or depends on the connection such as rubber seal lifetime (normally it is about 20-30years)
Weight Light Heavy (about 20-30% higher than profile pipe) Very light (up to DN800, bigger is higher than profile pipe)
Socket & spigot Very strong, higher than standard No socket very weak, wall thickness cannot match standard
The wall thickness should be thicker than 17.2mm, if ring stiffnessSN8 and ID≥400mm, according to the standard of EN13476-3 and EN 12666-1-2006

Electro-fusion welding

Rubber seal


Extrusion welding

Butt welding

Electro-fusion belt

Shrinkage sleeve
Rubber seal


Very strong, especially any kind of welding  Not strong, depends on the fittings quality Not strong due to the weak socket and pipe design
Flexibility Very good Very good Very good
Pipe stability  Very stable due to hot winding, no tension in pipe Not stable, due to the cold winding, there is tension in pipe Stable
Inner surface Evenness, smooth Roughness, welding seal Smooth, bigger diameter is with corrugation
Impact  Very good Very good Very good
Production Short set up time 5-10minutes for any size, any ring stiffness, any wall profile from DN300 to DN3000, SN1 to SN16 on one machine Long set up time, 6 to 10 hours

Very long set up time, especially large diameter

Ring stiffness is fixed according to the mold design and with several machine.
Machine investment low, one machine can produce all size Low, several machine required  Very high, only fixed pipe stiffness classes
Pipe application Sewerage, drainage, storm water, pressure pipe  Sewerage, drainage, non-pressure only Sewerage, drainage, non-pressure only
Pipe standard DIN 16961,  EN13476,  AMTM F894, ISO21138-2007


The HDPE double wall corrugated pipe is better for the sewerage and drainage application and pipe diameter is upto DN400mm(if to use special fitting for connection, the diameter can be upto DN800mm). For the large diameter application, the best solution is HDPE/PP profile spiral wounded pipe. 





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