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Installation of HDPE spiral structured wall pipe--E-fusion

Pipe Design

krah pipes, krah machine, bauku machine, profilline pipe, bauku pipe, spiral corrugated pipe, machine helical extrusion technology, HDPE spiral tank machine, PP chemical tank,HDPE Helically Wound Tanks MachineWe can design the new pipe profile according to the new material, customer’s site situation and requirement.

We can make static calculation of HDPE spiral pipes to guarantee the safety and life time. An SN class 2,4,8 or higher classification according to ISO9969/ASTM F894/DIN16961 will not give an indication, if the product has the necessary safety reserves under a short term or long-term proof. The calculation standard is ATV A127 and M55. The engineer can calculate the profile design for most embedding condition and ensure the spiral HDPE pipe can work for 50 years with long term proof.

It is very important to make the static calculation for new profiles design to get the best design with good ring stiffness and lower weight. It is can save money and reduce the cost. The most advantages of PP and PE is the flexibility, leading to a small and controlled deformation under load, even under overload just the deformation will increase, however there will be not break and no leakage. Spiral profile pipes which are far too stiff will react more than a rigid pipe than a flexible one. This will lead to less deformation, but at the same time the risk of breaks and leakages is a major problem.

Both, the saving of natural resources and the engineered design, are necessary to guarantee the quality of the product now and in 50 years.

Tank, manhole design and fabrication

We supply the design and fabrication equipment for spiral tank and manhole.

Profiled Pipe design software

Software PipeFinder 2017 for spiral profile wound pipe calculation and production data    
A) To help the spiral wound pipe manufacturer select the suitable profile according to the project requirement
B) Calculate the spiral profile pipe weight, ring stiffness, production cost, etc.  according to the raw material and production situation
C) According to AWWA M55 to verify the profile according the project site situation such as soil, water, truck, etc.
D)Generate the production data and show the production curves to the operator.




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