Are there any specific situations where PVC pipe is not recommended?
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Are there any specific situations where PVC pipe is not recommended?

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PVC pipe is widely used, but is PVC pipe applicable in all cases? so what are the special cases that PVC pipe is not recommended to use?


There was a time when metals, ceramics and concrete were the only materials used in residential pipes and pipes. Many pipe metals, including copper and galvanized steel, are still used in homes today. Although durable, metal pipes need to be installed painstakingly. The pipe requires thread or welding, and the pipe usually requires the installation of sensitive compression fittings. The introduction of plastic piping systems in the 1930s and its popularity in the 1950s and 1960s made it easier for plumbers to work. These pipes provide plumbers with an option that is easy to install and prevents common pipe problems in metal pipes.


Advantages of PVC pipe


Corrosion resistance-plastic piping systems are not easily corroded by exposure to water and common household chemicals. Plastic formulations can be adjusted to meet a wide range of residential plumbing needs, including water and drainage.

Low thermal conductivity-unlike metals, plastics do not conduct heat very well and thus better maintain the water temperature they carry. Although copper tubes need insulation to prevent sweating and dripping, PVC tubes remain dry, even without insulation. This is particularly useful for condensate drainage in air conditioners, boilers and other electrical appliances.

Non-reactive-bonding of different metals, such as copper and iron, can lead to corrosion. Plastic pipes can be connected to each other or to metal pipes without the risk of damaging chemical reactions. Installation is simpler-because plastic pipes are light and easy to operate, pipe operations using these pipes are almost always less expensive than pipes involving metal pipes.Less clogging-some plumbers find plastic drains less clogged and easier to dredge than metal drains.


Are there any special circumstances in which PVC pipe is not recommended


In some exceptional cases, PVC piping is not recommended, but it depends on pipe type / application / engineering parameters. It's really open, isn't it?


Do not use under the pressure of "dead head". Pump head running without the position of the pressure head. Constant head pressure can cause the pipe to expand and may eventually fail or lead to joint failure. The given pressure level is used for flow pressure situations. Typical good uses are: swimming pool, spa, hot tub, whirlpool, irrigation (back of valve), pond, drainage, conduit, suction application, etc. As long as there is flow in the pipe, you should be in rated size.


Do not use human housing or commercial drinking water (drinking water). Although the white FlexPVC does have a NSF-51 rating, it is not suitable for drinking water applications. There is no poison in the pipe, but if the water stays in it for a few hours, it will turn into a "plastic smell." That's the only reason it doesn't have a drinking water rating: it won't pass the taste test. Black or gray are the same. Neither can be used for drinking water.


As you can see, despite the wide range of applications, there will still be some special situations where the use of PVC pipes is not recommended. Eagle Technologies Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of HDPE pipes, with a wider range of applications. Welcome to purchase.





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