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HDPE/PP Spiral Winding Tank Machine

We supply machine to produce the HDPE/PPspiralseamless winding tank machine to produce the tank. This technology ensures the tank strength and reliable. It can produce the tank with variety of wall thickness according the height, so it can save material and increase the efficiency. The bottom and top is welded by automatic welder to guarantee the reliable welding and without leakage. 

With unique seamless winding technology, the wall thickness can be more than 120mm. This technology guarantees that there is no tension in tank wall, since the tension is eliminated during the production.

With advanced automatic welding machine, the bottom and cover can be welded automatically. The welding seam is uniform and strong. It avoids the disadvantage of manual welding.

Main Feature

Of HDPE/PP Spiral Winding Tank Machine
  Tank diameters: DN/ID 600 mm up to DN/ID 4500 mm
  Tank length: 6 m
  Wall thickness: 120mm(Max)
  Material: PP-HM, PP-B, PP-H, HDPE, PVDF
  Output: 300-600kg/h

  Application: chemical tank, storage tank




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