How to Unclog Underground HDPE Profile Drain Pipe?
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How to Unclog Underground HDPE Profile Drain Pipe?

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Now it is spring, in a few months is summer, spring and summer rainy season, usually installed Rain Water HDPE profile drainage pipe to take water from your house. Many of these pipes are placed underground to avoid laying them on the ground next to the house. Underground drains may be blocked in a variety of ways, including blade accumulation or damage to the HDPE profile pipe itself.


Methods for dredging drains range from fairly simple to professional help calls. And most people are also troubled by the blockage of drainage pipes, not only canundefinedt drainage quickly, but also often have a bad smell, so how to clear the underground HDPE profile drain pipe this issue is very important.


First, check where the water is discharged from the HDPE profile pipe. In many cases, there is a shield or metal screen at the end of the HDPE profile pipe. Remove the cover and pull out any debris that may be found. Shine the flashlight to the opening to see if a blockage can be found.


Next, pull the underground HDPE profile pipe (usually black corrugated plastic pipes) away from the end of the drains. Put the end of a plumberundefineds spiral drill (also known as a snake) into an underground drain. Turn the handle clockwise to extend the end of the spiral drill. If it is difficult to turn, turn the handle counterclockwise; you probably have a jam.


The reverse spiral drill pulls it out of the drain pipe and removes the debris. Plug it back into the drain until you encounter resistance again, then turn the handle back and forth to invalidate some of the plugs. Regularly pull out the spiral drill to remove debris until it moves through the plug without resistance. Use garden hose to flush the drain. Stand at the end of the drain, usually at the edge of the yard, to ensure that water flows smoothly through the drain.


If you try to clean up a HDPE profile pipe using a snake or hose attachment, you can find the plug and determine its length, and if it is at one end of the pipe, it may save some work to cut and replace the part.


Finally,In addition, HDPE profile pipe has a strong drainage system that has been in use since the 1950s. In this relatively brief period, HDPE profile pipe has been an exhaustive subject Laboratory tests and on-site experiments. in a real world device, The product has created impressive trouble-free records Performance. Today, we see the acceleration of the building engineer to replace steel and concrete pipes with polyethylene Excellent mechanical and chemical properties and cost-effective treatment Features.


1. Structural strength. The toughness and flexibility of the HDPE profile pipe make it possible Can be subjected to a deep filling height and an extended live load. The ADS pipe is Design over all AASHTO LRFD structural design Requirements for ground and live loads. An exam at Utah State University It is shown that the heavy soil load will damage the rigid pipe wall, but below The condition is the same, and only a moderate deflection is generated in the flexibility Polyethylene pipe. HDPE will not be broken or broken during the correct process Install and maintain its impact strength at zero temperature. 


2. Wear resistance. The loss rate of HDPE is only 15% / 25% of that of reinforced concrete. Decades of on-site testing and the real world The device has demonstrated the internal toughness of the polyethylene. It is successfully used for severe mining and dredging of mud, in fact Even the most aggressive sewer cleaning tools can be protected from damage.


3.  Light weight. The weight of polyethylene is 50% to 75% lighter than that of the same type of steel The pipe, about one-tenth of the weight of the concrete. this translates to Easier operation, less staff, and less heavy equipment And the safety is improved.


4. Chemical inertness. HDPE profile pipe has strong corrosion resistance and is not subject to corrosion Electrochemical and electro-mechanical reactions.


In this way, do you know how to dredge HDPE profile pipe, but you choseHDPE profile pipe, learned about his powerful drainage performance, and you don’t have to worry about that,Eagle Technologies Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of HDPE profile pipes. And also have strong experience, hopes to be able to help you.





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