How to use a water pipe
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How to use a water pipe

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Pipes are useful in addition to drinking water transportation. The advantage of pipes is that they are of different sizes and types. From giant pipes up to 3 feet high to small, portable, easy-to-manage water pipes, they can deliver a different experience.


It's a pity to throw away waste pipes. Next, I'll introduce several uses of waste pipes.

Make a vase

Look for a drain pipe of the right size. Cut off a circle of 1CM over the drain pipe, and place a small opening on one side. The remaining long pipe opens a few small round openings at the bottom to drain and look more beautiful. Then heat one end, and when the pipe softens, use a larger bowl to press out the radians. The other end is also heated to press the radians. Stick glue to the bottom of the pipe that just intercepted the long 1CM and opened it. Look for some old plastic nets and cut them into circles about the size of the inner diameter of the bottom of the pipe. Note that it is bigger than the one that was glued to it later. Only in this way will it be guaranteed that it will not fall, and then glue will be glued to the bottom, so that the glue is dried up and the soil can be used to grow flowers.


Pay attention to control the time when heating, don't make it too soft or melt off with bowl pressing radians, pay attention to protect your hand, don't make up for it.

Making notebook heat dissipation bracket

We live in modern families, and even if we don't usually care, we know what the PVC tube looks like. Besides acting as a pipe, it can be used as a laptop stand. In order to be able to adjust the height of the laptop properly, I think we can use the extra PVC tube at home to make a laptop stand, and now let's try how to make it.


 Step 1: if you want to make the laptop stand well, we need to prepare: PVC tube (color optional), PVC tube connector.


Step 2: use the appropriate tools to cut out 3 blue PVC tubes of the same length (longer).


 Step 3: use appropriate tools to cut out 2 blue PVC tubes of the same length (shorter).


Step 4: prepare 6 blue PVC tube interfaces. (note: the clipping length of the blue PVC tube is based on the size of the notebook and the angle you want.)


Step 5: use the blue PVC tube interface to connect the rectangular blue PVC tubes of varying lengths.


In addition to the above, there are many uses of water pipes, such as tool storage rack, pen holder, shoe rack, table lamp, tool storage bag, etc., so come quickly to http://www.krahpipe.netEagle Technology Co., Ltd. to buy water pipes, and use them to make full use of them. If you have any intention, please feel free to contact us.





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