Production Outputs with Krah Pipe Machine
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Production Outputs with Krah Pipe Machine

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In the world of pipe production, Krah pipe machines offer one of the most efficient ways to output large quantities of pipe with minimal effort. Krah pipe machines are produced by several top pipe-making companies, and their output capabilities are designed to maximize production. Krah pipe machines offer a wide range of production outputs that meet the needs of different pipe sizes and types. By understanding the specifications of the Krah pipe machine and its capabilities, businesses can ensure that their production output is as efficient and effective as possible.

Pipe Production Machine1

l Maximum pipe diameter

l Maximum wall thickness

l Corrugated pipe production

l Bends and curves

l Maximum pipe diameter

Today, Krah pipe machines are the industry standard when it comes to production outputs. The technology used in these machines is able to produce pipes up to a maximum diameter of 25 cm. This maximum diameter provides the highest possible output, making it the most suitable for large scale production operations. The high-quality standards of the Krah pipe machines are met through the use of superior materials and advanced production techniques, ensuring that the pipes that are produced are of the highest quality.

Pipe Production Machine2

l Maximum wall thickness

The maximum wall thickness for our Krah Pipe Machine is up to 40mm. This is ideal for producing large-diameter pipes and other products. The pipe machine will also provide a consistent wall thickness throughout any run, ensuring the highest quality product. The thickness of the pipes created can be adjusted to suit a range of applications, such as sewage, water, and drainage systems. The machine also works with various materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride.

Pipe Production Machine3

l Corrugated pipe production

The Krah Pipe Machine is ideal for the production of corrugated pipes, which are used for a variety of applications. It can produce pipes with a standard diameter of up to 1600 mm, and a maximum wall thickness of 30mm. The machine is equipped with a series of die heads that can create corrugations with different angles and spaces, giving pipes increased rigidity and strength. The pipes produced with the Krah Pipe Machine have a smooth, uniform surface finish and are highly resistant to wear and tear. The machine also ensures accurate pipe wall thicknesses, making it an ideal choice for precision corrugated pipe production.

Pipe Production Machine14

l Bends and curves

Krah pipe machines can produce bends and curves with excellent accuracy. The machines are designed to use a die and bevel heads to form bends and curves. The die is placed in a holder, which is then inserted into the pipe. The bevel head is then used to apply pressure to the pipe, forming the desired bend or curve. The die and bevel head can be adjusted to produce a wide variety of shapes, including arcs, circles, and complex shapes. The Krah pipe machines are able to produce bends and curves with a high degree of accuracy, enabling pipe manufacturers to produce a range of products with a consistently high quality.

Krah Pipe Machines offer an impressive array of features that enable a high level of production output. Eagle Machinery Co., Ltd produces high-quality products and excellent service, come and contact us.



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