Production Technology of HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe
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Production Technology of HDPE Spiral Profile Pipe

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The plastic (PEHD or PP) is melted in the main extruder:

(1) (mostly black material to provide the required UV-resistance of the spiral pipe) and in the co-extruder 

(2) (mostly yellow material to provide the required bright, inspection friendly inside surface). In the melt distributor 

(3) the material flow of the main extruder is divided into two flows; one flow is for the spiral pipe inner layer and other flow is for the outer layer (corrugation layer).

The ratio between the two flows is adjusted. In the inner wall die head the black material (from the main extruder) will be me

krah pipe processrged with the yellow material (from the co-extruder) and the result will be a solid two-colored band for the waterway of the spiral pipe.

In the other die head a core-tube 

(4) will be coated with the black material to produce a round profile. The band from the inner layer die and the coated core tube from the other one is jointed together on the rotating mandrel (V2) to produce the pipe. By closing the material flow of the second die head a solid socket and spigot are produced homogeneously and during the actual production process of the profiled pipe, which means that no additional work and machines are required. By changing dies and the production program several profile constructions and wall thicknesses can be produced.

The rotating mandrel is moving with specified speed (V1) along the extrusion unit.

Advantage of technology

Online to produce socket and spigot

Eagle Machinery make special design to produce the spiral profile pipe with socket and spigot for several different jointing method during the spiral profile pipe production process, such as electro fusion joint and rubber seal joint.

The socket and spigot is made online without other machine, it can meet any engineering design and helps to keep the low investment.

 Krah pipe

Flexible production

Eagle Machinery make unique design for the spiral profile pipe machine to produce the PEHD/PP spiral pipe from DN200 to DN4000mm on one line. The production changing time is less than 15minutes to change one diameter to another diameter or to change one profile design to another design. This machine can produce the spiral pipe with ring stiffness from SN1 to SN16, even more and it can produce pressure pipe and non-pressure pipe

 HDPE krah pipe

High output

The machine output can be upto 1400kg/h with high efficiency extruder.

Machine component

Extrusion unit

Winding unit

Cooling and milling unit

Dismantling unit

Finishing unit

krah machine





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