Safety instructions for HDPE spiral wound tanks
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Safety instructions for HDPE spiral wound tanks

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As an industrial production tool, HDPE spiral wound tanks will also contain some chemicals. Therefore, you must ensure safety when using HDPE spiral wound tanks, and you must firmly follow the instructions for using HDPE spiral wound tanks.


Here is the content list:

Inspection and maintenance





Inspection and maintenance

When HDPE spiral wound tanks store dangerous media, our inspection and maintenance of HDPE spiral wound tanks are strict, and the inspection and maintenance standards are implemented:

1. For HDPE spiral wound tanks storing combustible gases and flammable liquids, necessary fire-fighting equipment should be provided. Smoking, lighting, and heating by open flames are strictly prohibited near HDPE spiral wound tanks, and the source of ignition should be brought into the vicinity of HDPE spiral wound tanks.

2. For HDPE spiral wound tanks that store flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, and other media, the relevant regulations on dangerous goods management should be strictly implemented.

3. Before the inspection and repair of HDPE spiral wound tanks, the power supply of the electrical equipment related to HDPE spiral wound tanks must be cut off, and the equipment handover procedures must be completed.

4. After the internal medium of HDPE spiral wound tanks is exhausted, the inlet and outlet valves of HDPE spiral wound tanks should be closed or blind plates should be installed to cut off the pipes and equipment connected to it, and there should be obvious signs of separation.

5. For HDPE spiral wound tanks containing flammable, corrosive, toxic, or suffocating media, they must be replaced, neutralized, disinfected, cleaned, etc., and analyzed after treatment. The analysis results of HDPE spiral wound tanks should reach Relevant regulations and standards. It is strictly forbidden to replace with air if there is a flammable medium.

6. HDPE spiral wound tanks must apply for an in-tank operation permit. If the operation is interrupted for a long time for some reason, the HDPE spiral wound tanks should be re-applied for the operation certificate for HDPE spiral wound tanks.

7. Take samples for analysis 30 minutes before entering the tank and the oxygen content is between 18-23% (volume ratio).

8. When entering the HDPE spiral wound tanks to clean up toxic and corrosive residues, wear personal protective equipment.

9. The scaffolds and lifting devices that need to be built for HDPE spiral wound tanks must be firm and reliable. It is strictly forbidden to throw materials and tools inside and outside during the operation to ensure safe operation.

10. HDPE spiral wound tanks should use no more than 24 explosion-proof lamps for lighting in the tank.




To ensure the safe production of enterprises, the safe operation of HDPE spiral wound tanks equipment, and improve the service life of the equipment and labor productivity, the operating machinery and equipment must be regularly inspected and maintained to prevent HDPE spiral wound tanks from affecting production, or HDPE spiral wound tanks.

Clean or replace the level gauge HDPE spiral wound tanks, repair or replace the inlet, outlet, and drain valves, dredge and clean the cooling water coil. Check and repair the safety valve of HDPE spiral wound tanks to vent the flame arrestor. Repair HDPE spiral wound tanks anti-corrosion layer and thermal insulation layer.

HDPE spiral wound tanks maintenance methods and quality standards The repair of HDPE spiral wound tanks, such as opening, repair welding, replacement of tube sections, etc., shall be based on the relevant standards of HDPE spiral wound tanks, and the specific construction plan shall be formulated and approved by the unit's technical responsibility. The materials (base material, welding rod, welding wire, flux, etc.) and valves used to repair HDPE spiral wound tanks. HDPE spiral wound tanks should have a quality certificate and must be inspected before they can be used. The fasteners for assembling HDPE spiral wound tanks should be coated with lubricating material, and the bolts of HDPE spiral wound tanks should be tightened diagonally.

Follow the instructions for the HDPE winding tank. If you have any questions about the operation of the HDPE spiral winding tank, please contact Eagle Machinery Co., Ltd. We are very enthusiastic to provide you with guidance on safe production.





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