What are HDPE spiral wound tanks?
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What are HDPE spiral wound tanks?

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HDPE spiral wound tanks are used to store refined chemicals such as acid, alkali, alcohol, gas, and liquid. According to different materials, spiral wound tanks generally include HDPE spiral wound tanks, polypropylene storage tanks, glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks, ceramic HDPE spiral wound tanks, rubber storage tanks, stainless steel storage tanks, etc.

As far as the cost performance of HDPE spiral wound tanks is concerned, HDPE spiral wound tanks are currently the most superior. They have excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, long life, etc. The appearance can be manufactured in various types such as vertical, horizontal, transportation, and mixing.


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The sealed containers used to store liquids or gases are HDPE spiral wound tanks. The HDPE spiral wound tanks project is an indispensable and important infrastructure in the petroleum, chemical, grain and oil, food, fire fighting, transportation, metallurgy, national defense, and other industries. Our HDPE spiral wound tanks, large and small, are always inseparable from their economic life. The important role that HDPE spiral wound tanks play in the development of the national economy is irreplaceable. With the continuous development of the HDPE spiral wound tanks industry, more and more industries and companies use HDPE spiral wound tanks, and more and more companies enter the HDPE spiral wound tanks industry. HDPE spiral wound tanks store various liquids.Special equipment for raw materials and finished products, many companies cannot produce normally without HDPE spiral wound tanks. In particular, national strategic material reserves are inseparable from various capacities and types of HDPE spiral wound tanks. The oil storage facilities in our country are mostly based on ground HDPE spiral wound tanks, and most of them are HDPE spiral wound tanks with other metal structures.



HDPE spiral wound tanks are storage containers for the medium of long-distance oil and gas pipelines. The oil storage tanks at the first station of the oil pipeline are used to collect and store oil and to ensure the stability of the pipeline oil volume. The HDPE spiral wound tanks at the last station are used to receive and store the incoming oil and provide it to the oil users. The HDPE spiral wound tanks at the gas pipeline terminal station are mainly used for the peak shaving of HDPE spiral wound tanks city gas and are gradually being replaced by underground HDPE spiral wound tanks and pipeline gas storage.



(1) Processing technology of HDPE spiral wound tanks:

HDPE spiral wound tanks are made of high-density HDPE as raw material and are integrally formed by the rotomolding process.

(2) Processing technology of steel-lined plastic HDPE spiral wound tanks:

Steel-lined plastic vertical storage tank, also known as tortoise-shell-lined storage tank (tortoise-shell lining—steel, mesh, and plastic three in one) is the essence of steel-plastic composite series products. Steel-lined HDPE spiral wound tanks adopt a special rotational molding process. Using pure polyethylene (linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE)) as raw materials, steel-lined plastic HDPE spiral wound tanks use rotomolding technology to organically combine steel plates, steel mesh (tortoiseshell), and polyethylene into one. The polyethylene of the steel-lined plastic HDPE spiral wound tanks adheres firmly to the surface of the steel body. Steel-lined plastic HDPE spiral wound tanks have no welded seams, no leakage, steel-lined plastic HDPE spiral wound tanks are non-toxic, anti-aging, steel-lined plastic HDPE spiral wound tanks are impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and have a long service life. Steel-lined plastic HDPE spiral Wound tanks meet the advantages of hygiene standards. Steel-lined plastic HDPE spiral wound tanks make up for the shortcomings of plastic rotomolded storage tanks of poor rigidity, strength, pressure, and temperature difference.


Eagle Machinery Co., Ltd supply machine to produce the HDPE/PP spiral seamless wound tank machine to produce the tank. This technology ensures tank strength and reliability. It can produce the tank with a variety of wall thickness according to the height, so it can save material and increase efficiency. The bottom and top are welded by an automatic welder to guarantee reliable welding and without leakage. 





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