What are the Components of Krah Pipe Machine
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What are the Components of Krah Pipe Machine

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The Krah pipe machine is a powerful and versatile tool used in a variety of industrial applications, from construction to plumbing. Its various components play an integral role in the overall performance of the machine, making them an important factor to consider when selecting the right machine for the job

  • Extruder

  • Winding station

  • Die Head

  • Milling station

  • Dismantle station


The extruder is a key component of the Krah Pipe Machine. It is responsible for pushing the raw material, typically a polymer, through a die which shapes it into the desired pipe shape. The extruder consists of three components: a hopper, a screw, and a die. The hopper holds the raw material and feeds it into the screw, which is the driving force behind the whole process. The screw pushes the material through the die, which shapes it into the desired pipe shape. The extruder is connected to a motor, which controls the speed and pressure of the process.

Winding station

The Winding stationis one of the key components of the Krah Pipe Machine. It is the chamber that is used to create a vacuum to draw the melted material into the pipe and then shape it. The chamber is constructed of high-grade stainless steel, providing a strong and durable surface for years of extended use. The chamber is also fitted with a series of inlets and outlets, allowing for easy connection to other components of the machine. With its strong and reliable construction, the Winding stationis a must-have component of any Krah PipeMachine.

Die Head

It is responsible for shaping and sizing the Krah Pipe. It is composed of several parts, such as a die holder, a die blade, and a die ring. The die holder holds the die blade and die ring in place, while the die blade shapes the pipe and the die ring ensures an even thickness throughout the pipe. The 3. Die Head is adjustable, allowing operators to adjust the pipe's diameter and length as needed. This ensures consistency in the pipe's final shape and size.

Milling station

This device is responsible for taking the Krah Pipe off the production line once it has been extruded. This device is typically made up of four components: a tensioning arm, an air-actuated head, a support platform, and a support beam. The tensioning arm is used to ensure that the pipe is released with the correct tension, while the air-actuated head is used to move the pipe along the support platform. The support platform and beam provide mechanical stability and keep the pipe from becoming damaged or kinked during the take-off process.

Dismantling station

This tank is used to cool down the high-temperature molten material that is produced during the extrusion process. The Dismantling station has a large capacity, allowing it to cool large amounts of material. Additionally, the Dismantling station has an automated temperature control, which allows it to be adjusted according to the temperature of the molten material. This allows for more efficient cooling, as well as a more uniform cooling throughout the entire Krah Pipe.

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