Advantages of Krah Pipes
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Advantages of Krah Pipes

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You may have noticed that a lot of krah pipes have been widely used in our life, so do you want to know why they are so popular among people? This mainly decided by the advantages of krah pipes, the unique features and material make them apply to many fields. This passage introduces eight advantages of them, if you want to know this aspect, read the following words now.


1. Good flexibility

Because krah pipes have a high molecular weight, they are very wear resistant and even exceed many metal materials such as stainless steel and copper. Because of its high-density polyethylene, Krah pipe can support even loads or deformations, making it more suitable for use in areas with high traffic or frequent earthquakes. In addition, the spiral structure of the krah pipes also increases its compressive strength, allowing it to withstand greater pressure.


2. Corrosion resistance

High-density polyethylene has strong chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, and is especially suitable for coastal areas with high groundwater levels or high land moisture. In addition, the carat tube does not require preservative treatment if it is used to transport corrosive fluids or when installed in corrosive soils. Compared to other traditional pipes, krah pipes perform much better.


3. High water delivery efficiency

The surface roughness of the krah pipes and the roughness of the pipe wall are very low, so the frictional resistance of the product is smaller than that of other pipes of the same inner diameter, in contrast, its water delivery is larger: according to research, the same diameter, the same length Under the same pressure conditions, the flow rate of Krah pipe is 30% larger than that of steel pipe, and the water delivery efficiency is significantly higher.


4. Light weight

The weight of the Krah pipes is very light and the transportation is very convenient, which saves the transportation cost to a certain extent. In addition, its light weight makes it very easy to install and simpler to operate, so in most cases it is not necessary to use the crane on site, which also saves some cost.


5. Resistance to low temperature

The low temperature embrittlement value of krah pipes is extremely low and can be used in weather at minus 60 degrees Celsius without damage. Even at low temperatures, krah pipes have high impact resistance, which ensures that the pipe will not be damaged during transportation and its service life is guaranteed.


6. Environmental protection

High-density polypropylene is a non-toxic material, and krah pipes are not exposed to any chemical toxic substances during the production process, so it can be used as a waste water pipeline for 100% recycling. On the whole, krah pipes are an environmentally friendly and safe green product.


7. Long service life

Krah pipes are corrosion-resistant, age-resistant, and have a service life of 50 years or more: if you want to make krah pipes longer, you need to use a reasonable product structure during the design process for professionals to install. Krah pipes will also extend its useful life to a certain extent. Therefore, in real life, we can replace large-diameter cement pipes with small-diameter krah pipes.


8. Anti-UV

The shape of the Krah pipes is a black polyethylene tube, which not only makes it permanently resistant to atmospheric corrosion, but also resists ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, you can safely use and store the pipe outside, and the ultraviolet rays will not cause damage to the pipe material, causing the pipe to age.


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