Analysis of two connection technologies of Krah Pipes
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Analysis of two connection technologies of Krah Pipes

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There are many connecting modes of Krah pipes, different connecting modes have different functions, and different connecting modes have different advantages. Next, I will introduce the two main connecting technologies of Krah pipes.


Electric fusion bonding technology

One end of the pipe is the bearing port of the electric fuse embedded in it, and the other end is the flat wall socket. During construction, only the socket is put into the bearing port, and the electric fuse is connected and melted into one. Electric fusion bonding technology has many advantages.


1. The socket is fully fused, and the stiffness and strength of the interface are consistent with the pipe body. Belongs to ontology connection. When the pipe is subjected to mechanical deformation, the deformation will be smoothly dispersed through the joint to the entire section of the pipe, no stress concentration will be formed at the joint. In areas with complex geological conditions such as soft foundation or beach, the uneven settlement of the foundation often occurs, and the sealing and flexibility of the reinforced pipe by means of plug-in electric fusion connection can be brought into full play as a whole pipe, so as to adapt to the geological change. In the area of geological instability, the winding pipe with socket-type electric melting connection has strong anti-shock ability when laying the ground under frequent heavy load.


2. Plug-in fused Krah pipes(HDPE winding reinforced tubes) can really make construction quick, and when groundwater is available and drainage is difficult, easy collapse areas and long-term excavation will affect the safety of traffic, buildings and personnel, and the safety of buildings and personnel will be affected when there is ground water and the drainage of water is difficult. The plug-in Krah pipes (HDPE winding reinforcement tube) can be used for backfilling while excavating and laying the pipe at the same time. Because the interface is connected to the body and has strong resistance to stress, the pipe can be put into the groove with an entire section of the pipe after welding at the edge of the groove. In addition to the strict backfill compactness as well as other plastic pipes, the smoothness of the grooves is also required. The width of trench excavation and slope grading are lower, so the excavation and earthwork quantity are reduced.


Throttle connection mode

Krah pipes throttle connection, no socket winding process, using throttle device with a rubber ring connection. Due to the use of throttle connection technology in the carat pipeline system, absolute sealing and zero leakage can be achieved, and construction can be carried out in trench water, rainy days, and so on. It makes up for the lack of safe and reliable electric heating plug-in rigid connection in such harsh construction environment. It is precisely because of the adoption of this advanced joint technology that the pipe is more convenient for site construction and installation, and is equipped with simple and easy-to-use pipe connectors. No large-scale equipment is used in the construction, and the pipe connection can be accomplished by general manpower. It greatly reduces labor intensity and increases safety and reliability. It has the following advantages:


1. Barrel injection molding, high processing speed, no need for socket winding procedures


2. Insert interference fit, good sealing property, effectively solve the problems of disjointing and leakage of sewage pipes caused by geological settlement.


3. The problem of sewers disjointing and leakage due to geological settlement. Convenient installation, direct insertion can be adopted with throttling devices of rubber ring connection, construction without the use of large-scale equipment, general manpower or common tools can complete pipe connection, can save at least 30% of the construction time.


4. To adapt to the harsh construction environment, the requirements for the construction environment are low, and it can be constructed under the conditions of trench water, rainy days and low temperature in winter in northern China, which makes up for the shortage that the electric hot melt insertion connection can not be constructed in such a harsh construction environment.


At present, the main connection mode of Krah pipes(HDPE winding reinforced pipeline) system is electric fusion welding, but in the south of China, there are more Rain Water and bad weather conditions in construction sites, which are not conducive to the process of electric hot melt connection. It will affect the construction quality and progress. Therefore, in this case, the Classic throttle flow connection is a better choice.





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