Can I build over a mains water pipe
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Can I build over a mains water pipe

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Water pipes must be familiar to everyone, that is, a pipe to transport water.In recent years, with the development of the times, more and more water pipe materials, more and more durability, copper-cored water pipe is one of the materials of water pipe.


After all, hydropower is a "covert project", modern decoration pipes are buried wall construction, if the pipe leakage and burst will bring irreparable consequences. So how to build over a mains water pipe?


Tap water is a structure used to transport tap water. The patent document entitled "non-toxic and impact-resistant tap water pipe" discloses a tap water pipe. Now the household water pipes are circular. Although the circular structure has the advantage that the product is simple and beneficial to the production, but there are the following disadvantages: when installed in the building in the external way, the height that stands out on the wall surface is higher, which leads to the large amount of decline in the outer space of the wall; Fixed installation is not particularly suitable for buried in the wall in a built-in manner, while the external installation is prone to position slip if it is collided with.

Producting on automatic pipe mill

It is usually produced in automatic pipe rolling mill. The solid tube billet is checked and cleared, cut into the required length, centering at the end of the piercing end of the billet, then sent to the heating furnace and perforated on the piercing machine. Under the action of roll and head, cavity is gradually formed in the billet, which is called capillary tube, at the same time rotating and advancing at the same time. Then send to the automatic pipe mill to continue rolling. Finally, the entire wall thickness of the whole machine, sizing machine diameter, to meet the specification requirements. It is an advanced method to produce hot rolled seamless steel pipe by continuous tube rolling mill.

Cold rolling, cold drawing, or combination of both

To obtain smaller and better quality seamless tubes, cold rolling, cold drawing, or a combination of the two must be adopted. The cold rolling is usually carried out on a two-high rolling mill, and the steel pipe is rolled in a ring pass made of variable cross-section circular grooves and fixed tapered heads. Cold drawing is usually carried out on a 0.5 / 100 T single-or double-chain cold drawing machine.

Extrusion method

The hot billet is to be placed in the closed extruding cylinder, and the perforated rod moves with the extruding rod to extrude the extruding part from the smaller die hole. The steel pipe with smaller diameter can be produced by this method.

Now you know how to build over a mains water pipe, it need a very strong professional skills.Therefore, it is still necessary to purchase water pipes. The purchase of water pipes can be combined with the economic situation of their own homes. I believe that they will buy their own satisfactory water pipes! If the construction is done, it is recommended that the professional operate, and the technical requirements are high, otherwise it is easy to leave hidden dangers. It is recommended to go to Eagle Technology Co.





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