Can Plastic Gas Pipe Be Used for Natural Gas?
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Can Plastic Gas Pipe Be Used for Natural Gas?

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Krah Pipes

The gas pipes used for conveying gas must have sufficient mechanical strength, excellent corrosion resistance, shock resistance, air tightness, easily connected and other properties. Can plastic gas pipe be used for natural gas? Let's see the types of gas pipes first. There are mainly the following types of gas pipes:

1. Steel tubes can withstand greater stress, have good plasticity and are easy to weld. Compared with other metals, the pipe wall is thinner under the same laying conditions, so the amount of metal can be saved. But the corrosion resistance of s teel pipe is poor. With the development of production technology, the performance of steel pipe is still improving, which will improve the reliability of safe operation of gas pipe network. According to different manufacturing methods, steel tubes can be divided into seamless copper tubes and welded steel tubes.

Seamless steel tubes: seamless steel tubes include seamless steel tubes for high, medium and low pressure boilers, seamless steel tubes for chemical and petrochemical industries in industrial pipelines, and seamless steel tubes for conveying various pressure fluids.

Welded steel tubes: the welded steel tubes can be divided into submerged arc welding, high-frequency welding, resistance welding and other types of welded steel tubes according to welding methods. It can be divided into spiral welded steel pipe and straight welded steel pipe.

2. Compared with steel pipe, cast iron pipe has excellent corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in medium and low-pressure gas pipe network in cities and towns. Cast iron pipe has gray cast iron and nodular cast iron pipe. It is not easy to weld, the material is more fragile, can not withstand the greater stress, so in the dynamic load of large areas and important sections, still need to use steel pipe.

3. Plastic pipe rigid polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene plastic pipe has a series of advantages, such as light weight, corrosion resistance, small friction resistance, tight interface, large tensile strength and simple construction, etc., which are widely used in medium and low pressure gas pipe network, but the aging problem remains to be further studied and solved.

4. Steel-frame polyethylene plastic composite pipe, which takes advantage of the characteristics of high steel strength and good corrosion resistance of plastics, can be used in medium and low pressure gas pipe lines.

5. For other pipes, non-ferrous metal pipes, such as copper pipes and aluminum pipes, are sometimes used in foreign countries. Aluminum pipes are widely used, which are mostly used for pipes behind the indoor gas meters.

So, if you like to use plastic gas pipe, you can choose plastic gas pipe rigid polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene plastic pipe.

Method of use

1. After the gas pipe is installed, it shall be properly protected (especially when tiling), and shall not be dismantled, moved, touched, smashed, squeezed or pressed without permission, so as to ensure that the gas pipe is intact and without damage.

2. Remember not to seal the gas pipe, especially the main valve of the whole building and the gas meter in each user's home. If decoration is needed, it can be made into a valve cabinet or leave a ventilation hole.

3. Do not dismantle and install the gas pipeline (including pipeline fixing hook nails or pipe clips) and water heater without authorization. It should be installed by professional technicians of relevant gas companies to ensure safety.

4. The room with gas pipe line cannot be used as the bedroom, so as to avoid gas leakage and fire, endangering life safety. At the same time, the kitchen or room through the gas pipe line must not pile up flammable and explosive materials.

5. The gas pipe line shall not be embedded in the wall and shall be no less than 10cm from the ground. It is not allowed to go through the wall and should not be too long.

6. If the indoor pipeline is already filled with gas and indoor gas leakage is found, the gas valve in front of the table shall be closed firstly, the indoor doors and Windows shall be opened for ventilation, and all actions that may cause spark such as turning on the electrical switch shall be prohibited. It is forbidden to open the fire to check for leakage and to call for help outside.

This is an introduction to whether plastic gas pipes can be used in natural gas. 

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