Can you recycle pvc pipe
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Can you recycle pvc pipe

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Every household needs to use pipes, if used, throw it is very wasteful and may pollute the environment, then the PVC pipeline can be recycled?


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a plastic commonly known as vinyl resin, which can be found in everyday items from bottles to house panels. PVC content is identified on plastic containers by the number "3" in the triangle circulation symbol. Due to the inherent chlorine content of the material and the range of chemical additives used to improve the stability of the material and the use of a variety of properties, the treatment and recovery process of PVC is harmful to varying degrees.

Benefits of Recycling Pipes

Due to the long service life of PVC pipe products, very few pipes are still in use, because they are still in use. Although current standards generally do not allow for the recycling of used pipes into new certified pipes, PVC pipe manufacturers can recycle almost all production waste internally. Because PVC is a thermoplastic PVC tube, it can be simply re-ground, crushed, and returned to extrusion to make new tubes.

How to dispose PVC Pipes

1.Disposal in landfills

Due to its volume and long biodegradation time, plastics are rapidly landfill. PVC additives further cause landfill problems by absorbing chlorine, carcinogens and other toxic chemicals into the soil and air. These chemicals pollute groundwater and air quality and are harmful to human beings and the environment. Knowing that PVC is a source of pollution, many European countries have adopted policies to ban PVC from entering landfills-and many U.S. municipalities are considering taking steps.

2. Incineration disposal

Chemicals added to PVC cause additional concerns when burned, but municipal and hospital incinerators deal with large amounts of PVC. each year During combustion, PVC releases a gas form of highly corrosive hydrochloric acid. Incineration regulations require the presence and neutralization of this and other produced toxins, but disturbing quantities have been found to leak into the atmosphere. Ash from PVC incineration also contains toxic elements, most commonly cadmium and lead. The presence of these two heavy metals means that ashes must be sent to controlled landfills, where space and groundwater pollution is the ultimate problem.

How to recycle PVC Pipes

Many communities have a recycling day that goes hand in hand with conventional garbage collection. Instead of using normal garbage, you can put the old PVC tube outside for recycling. This ensures that the PVC pipeline will not enter landfills for decades to come.

Second-hand PVC can be mechanically recycled as a new raw material-a process for grinding plastics into powder-based materials for new products. The process does not remove any toxins from the PVC, but adding new materials dilutes the existing toxicity. Mechanical recovery process is a common part of PVC industry in the reuse of post-industrial waste. Due to the cost of material recovery and chemical composition, the recovery rate of PVC after consumption lags behind. While mechanical recycling of other post-consumer plastics is common, additives in PVC pollute batches and hinder system efficiency. PVC from the same source is easier to recycle mechanically, so many product manufacturers develop collection or buy-back programs to accept and process specific post-consumer PVC products.

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