Design theory of HDPE spiral wound tanks
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Design theory of HDPE spiral wound tanks

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HDPE spiral wound tanks have a very wide application prospect in engineering with their unique advantages. It is a kind of HDPE spiral winding pipe, including pipe skeleton and winding wall, inside and outside of the pipe skeleton. There is an inner wall of the pipe and the outer wall of the skeleton formed by spraying HDPE resin, and the said winding wall is a spiral structure.

Here is the content:

l Flexibility

l Backfill material

l Sealing


HDPE seamless winding tank is based on the flexible management theory as the basis for structural design. It needs to meet the requirements of tank deformation, wall compression bending, wall stress and strain, and other limits. And its structure is mechanically reasonable. Therefore, it has the advantages of light texture, high strength, good toughness, easy laying, small water resistance, low cost, and corrosion resistance. Its performance and economic benefits far exceed those of reinforced concrete pipe and ordinary specifications of iron pipe. It is a new generation of engineering tanks.

Backfill material

Whether the deformation of flexible chemical tank spiral wound HDPE can be controlled within the limit, the determining factor is not the pipe stiffness, but the nature of the backfill material, and the installation method and quality of the backfill material. According to the formula for calculating the allowable compression bending pressure of the pipe wall, the allowable compression bending pressure of the pipe wall is determined by the size of the soil modulus, not the Poisson's ratio of the material, when the thickness of the overburden exceeds 0.5 m. The flexible management theory provides the basis for the use of flexible chemical tank spiral wound HDPE. It provides inexpensive acid and alkali resistant, corrosion-resistant, watertight pipes for environmental protection, lightweight, no need for reinforced concrete pipe foundations, and fast construction, which can reduce the impact of construction on social life and save project costs.


The impeller seal is prevented by a reverse centrifugal force of the impeller to prevent the slurry from leaking out. In the HDPE seamless winding tank inlet, the positive pressure value is not greater than 10% of the pump outlet pressure value of a single-stage pump or multi-stage tandem pump. It can be used to pay impeller shaft seal, pay impeller shaft seal has the advantages of no shaft seal water, no dilution of the slurry, good sealing effect. Therefore, in the case that dilution is not allowed in the slurry, such a seal can be considered.

Winding tank mechanical seal is generally used in the case of higher sealing requirements. Especially in some chemical industries, the food field, not only requires sealing but also mainly does not allow the addition of additional ingredients into the pump body.

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