Development and production of domestic HDPE pipe
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Development and production of domestic HDPE pipe

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China has entered the development period of replacing traditional pipes such as cement pipe, cast iron pipe and steel pipe with plastic buried pipe. As a large diameter outdoor buried pipe, HDPE structural pipe must replace straight wall pipe. So what exactly is there in the development and production of HDPE pipe?


After comparing the five structural tubes, we believe that the double-wall bellows and hollow-wound tubes will be the main types of tubes in the future, especially in respect of some extra-large caliber, such as the diameter larger than φ 1200, which cannot be directly extruded into the double-wall bellows. It is necessary to choose HDPE pipe.


Production principle


By means of polymer forming processing technology, the heated melt material is extruded from the die by the main extruder, and the round pipe is then formed by vacuum sizing, and then after the cooling pipe is fully shaped, the material is heated and melted by the main extruder and extruded from the mold by means of the main extruder. The square tube is guided to the sewing machine and the hot melt adhesive is produced by a smaller size extruder. By forming rollers on the molding machine and forming a certain angle with the forming pipe axis, the spiral winding motion of the extruded square tube is produced. When the die layer of the melt adhesive extruder is extruded through the nozzle to the interspace between the two adjacent square tubes, the die layer is extruded through the nozzle to the side of the two adjacent square pipes. There is a connecting spray system on the molding machine. Cooling and setting at the dry spot. Solidifying Deding. In this way, the hollow square tube is continuously wound along the p-angle direction, bonding, cooling, curing, advancing, forming the inner diameter of A and HDPE large diameter hollow winding pipe.


Main equipment performance of production line


(1) Double flat port with the same material electric hot melt belt connection technology, fast construction, high quality connection. Under the same conditions, compared with other pipes, it is light weight, easy to transport, convenient for construction, and obviously reduces the construction cost. In the application, the pipe can be directly laid after the groove inspection is qualified without the pipe foundation, basically it can be excavated on the side, the pipe under the edge, the backfill on the side, the construction procedure simplified and the time limit shortened, so that the construction procedure can be simplified and the time limit can be shortened.


 (2)It has good flexibility. HDPE dual-wall pipe has good flexibility as a whole, and local pipe segment has very strong rigidity. When sudden geological activities such as earthquakes occur, the damage loss of pipes can be minimized, thus improving the ability of earthquake resistance and disaster reduction of public facilities. As far as the rigidity of the pipe is concerned, the product adopts double-wall "I-word" structure, which has high resistance to external pressure, and can ensure the safety of the road with heavy load.


On the basis of introducing and absorbing the experience of foreign advanced equipment, Eagle Machinery Co., Ltd has independently developed a complete set of domestic equipment with independent intellectual property rights. The production line has the characteristics of domestic advanced and catching up with the international level, and it is worth introducing to the vast number of domestic insiders.





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