How Do Pipe Cleaners Work
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How Do Pipe Cleaners Work

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If you are a housewife or a housefather, the dirt in the gas pipe is always frustrating and difficult to deal with. If you are a manager, sometimes the blockage of the HDPE profile pipes can cause major accidents in the factory. It is necessary to choose suitable cleaner and clean HDPE profile pipes regularly. Have you ever considered this question: How does the pipe cleaner work?


Here is the content list

  • Why Is Pipe Cleaners Necessary?

  • How Do Pipe Cleaners Work?

  • What Is Application Of Pipe Cleaner?


Why Is Pipe Cleaners Necessary?

For long-used HDPE profile pipes, the original pipe diameter becomes smaller due to the solidification of oil sludge and rust; Hydrogen sulfide gas produced by silt deposition in HDPE profile pipes causes environmental pollution and is easy to cause combustion and explosion. Acid and alkali in waste water are easy to corrode HDPE profile pipes wall.

Although there are few or no paraffin deposits in the HDPE profile pipes, regular pigging is required to ensure its long-term normal and safe operation. According to the working principle, pipe pigging can be divided into physical pigging and chemical pigging. Chemical pigging refers to which chemical cleaning agent is put into the pipe, and the sediment reacts with it and is washed and discharged through the pipe fluid.


How Do Pipe Cleaners Work?

Pipe cleaner industrial process is suitable for environmental protection, little harm to human body and environmental pollution, safe operation of a weak acid erosion construction cleaning process, through several sets of petrochemical equipment introduced chemical cleaning practice proved safe, effective and reliable.

  • Degrease

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), powder and sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) powder are the main agents used in the chemical cleaning and degreasing process. Dosage according to circulation cleaning system and dispensing tank volume 3% configuration, appropriate in solution temperature above 70 degrees operation under the condition of adding surfactants can obtain better degreasing cleaning effect.

  • Rust cleaner

Citric acid (H3C6O7H2O), is the main raw material in the cleaning of carbon steel equipment and HDPE profile pipes. Circulation cleaning in the dosage should be according to the fluid volume 3% preparation, in solution temperature above 65 degrees operating conditions can obtain better cleaning effect.

  • Acid neutralizer

Ammonia water (NH4OH) is used as neutralizer in acid solution after pickling in cycle cleaning. According to liquor volume 0.5% dosage principle, adjust the dosage that neutralization liquid discharge PH value in 9 ~ 9.5 strict control, operating temperature about 65 degrees advisable.

  • Passivation

Sodium nitrite, a kind of white powder, is the main agent cycle cleaning in the passivation process, should according to 1.2% of circulating solution volume capacity, operating temperature should be controlled at 65 ℃ ~ 70 ℃.

After neutralization, add 1.2% of sodium nitrite or trisodium phosphate into the neutralization solution, and open the pump to circulate and clean it for 4-5 hours, so that the passivating solution can achieve the purpose of anti-rust film generation.


What Is Application Of Pipe Cleaner?

Coal gas cleaning agent is mainly used to clean the coking and scaling produced by coal tar. It can quickly and safely dissolve the coking and scaling of various types of coal gas and dissolve the coal gas scale into a liquid soluble in water. Coal gas cleaning agent is a kind of green environmental protection, non-combustible, not fast security degreasing detergent, is made up of a variety of imported surfactant and organic fertilizer distribution, with excellent permeability and emulsification and the ability to remove oil coke, has excellent solubility in water, simple and convenient use, can directly discharge after use, safe environmental protection.

The cleaning efficiency of coal gas cleaner is 4-5 times of kerosene, and there is no smell of kerosene and safety hazards. Therefore, using this cleaning agent to clean coal gas pipe and equipment can greatly reduce the cleaning cost, save cleaning costs, reduce safety risks and environmental pollution, and have a short-term anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect on cleaned metal parts.

Coal gas pipe cleaner is mainly used for cleaning gas and aromatic gas in coal gas pipe and HDPE profile pipes, heat exchangers, compressors, air compressors, vacuum pumps and other equipment used in chemical, iron and steel, machinery, metallurgy and other industries. It also can be used for oil cooler, mechanical equipment internal oil cleaning.


In a word, pipe cleaner is important for HDPE profile pipes, especially for gas delivery. How to use pipe cleaner is also worth our attention, there are many considerations. If you are interested in pipe cleaner or HDPE Profile Pipes, please feel free to contact us for more information.





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