How Do You Bury Corrugated Drain Pipe?
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How Do You Bury Corrugated Drain Pipe?

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Corrugated drain pipe, also known as French drains, are common in our daily lives. There are small holes on one side of the corrugated drain pipe to absorb water from the soil. It is important to properly embed the bellows so that water does not return to the ground and causes problems such as erosion and water. In order to effectively bury the corrugated drain pipe and avoid future complications, only a few necessities are needed.


With the arrival of spring and summer, Rain Water will usher in a peak season, where Rain Water can be collected and Rain Water stored can be used to help irrigate plants, otherwise drinks could have been enjoyed before the house was built. The problem with collecting Rain Water is that it lowers the flow of cubic feet per minute in the main river. If you collect Rain Water, use it to irrigate plants, drink it, and then put it back on Earth through septic tank systems, the water will not enter the river and then flow into large dams.Therefore, the buried corrugated drainage pipe becomes very important, so let me introduce you to the method of buried corrugated drainage pipe.


Layout ditch

Use a rope and a 1x2 bet to place the groove. In two piles at four feet from the house and directly in front of each downpipe. Place other wooden stakes with an interval of 8 feet. Tie the rope to the downpipe and stretch it around all the piles.

Dig ditch

Next, take out a scoop and dig a ditch. (This is an easy way to make it difficult to do) This will really make the neighbors ask the question, because it looks like your goal is to destroy your yard. My solution to this problem is to ignore them and continue to dig as much as possible. And then try to save the grass to a large piece so that it can be easier to re-spread at the end of the project. Repainting is critical if you want the finished product to look natural. The goal was to see where it was dug when I finished. The more the trench you can dig, the better.The grooves should be at least 6 inches wide and slightly inclined downward (1 to 2 inches in length per pipe), so that water is discharged from the downpipe. Continue until you finish the ditch.


More importantly, depending on the length of the grooves, the range of grooves excavated with a shovel can range from relatively easy to completely impossible. For our installation, we dug a 70-foot-long ditch on the rock and soil, which took three weekends. A faster, easier alternative to manual digging is to hire a trench digger or hire a backhoe operator. The average work is usually done within two hours. To minimize damage to the landscape, use a 12-inch trench bucket. The depth of the ditch must be at least 10 inches, but note that in cold weather, pipes are occasionally blocked by ice during heavy precipitation. This happens most often during the day when the air temperature is lower but falls below the freezing point at night.


Tip: the only way to keep the pipe unfrozen is to bury it below the frost line, which ranges from 32 to 48 inches in most areas of the snow belt. Deep grooves can be dug only if the end of the pipe is drained into a dry well or connected to an existing drainage line.


Backfill Ditch

Place the corrugated drainage pipe in the groove. Make sure that the holes on the pipe are facing down. Place an inch of gravel on the top of the pipe. The remainder of the trench is covered with soil.


Through the above three simple steps you can bury corrugated drainage pipe, now let us go to Eagle Technology Co., Ltd. to buy suitable corrugated drainage pipe for your home.





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