PP-HM Spiral Wound Gravity Pipes
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PP-HM Spiral Wound Gravity Pipes

PP-HM Spiral Wound Gravity Pipes is of high ring stiffness and lower weight.

  • PSW-4000
  • 8477
  • 100
  • 50TON
  • DN4000

PP Wounded Profile Pipe

PP profiled pipe systems with various stiffness classes which are designed for utility and industrial applications. It is made from high modulus PP to manufacture these pipes. The pipe diameter is from DN/ID300mm to DN/ID 4000mm. The ring stiffness is SN2, SN4, SN8, SN16 or according to customer requirements.

PP-HM as this material offers double the e-modulus and allows to save up to 50 % material compared with the conventional PE.

The winded profile pipes are designed to reach a high ring stiffness with a low material weight. The most economic profile is the typical PR profile. It is with smooth inside and profiled outside wall covers all applications for high outside loads but just low inside pressure. The PP-HM allows not only to handle sewer or to store aggressive chemicals, it is also perfect for drinking water and food storage.


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 Krah production technology is a helical extrusion (spiral wound) 



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