What is Corrugated Pipe Used For?
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What is Corrugated Pipe Used For?

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A corrugated pipe is a tube that is completely surrounded by parallel ridges and grooves. The ridges and grooves on the surface of it is perpendicular to the centerline of the pipe and are equally divided. In the case of non-excavation, the raw material of the bellows may be iron steel or high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. The use of HDPE corrugated pipes are more usually used in our life, not only for its low cost, but also for its great quality.


The applications of corrugated pipes

Corrugated drains are the foundation of the drainage system, they are connected to each other and work systematically. Here is the use of the corrugated drain pipe in daily life, but its application is not limited to these.

1. Storm drainage

Corrugated HDPE pipes have become the number one choice for many customers with drainage needs. It is a durable and cost effective pipe material. HPDE has been widely used for rainwater discharge from roads and roads.

2. Sanitary sewer

The HDPE pipe is the ideal septic system leaching pipe. There is a special perforation in the HDPE pipe that is designed to make penetration easier.

3. Leachate collection

Corrugated HDPE pipes can also be used in the mining industry's special drainage systems to make mining work easier.

4. Detention stormwater management system

Current regulations in most areas limit the speed of stormwater runoff and the level of pollutants allowed in the discharged rainwater. The urbanization of land can greatly change the natural movement of water. Existing storm drain mains systems are not designed to accept increased peak flow and must retain runoff until peak flow subsides. Corrugated HDPE pipes meet this need.

5. Pond drainage

Ponds are the least prone to early siltation and blockage, but may cause other problems, such as insect reproduction, weed growth, and unpleasant smells. The use of corrugated HDPE pipes can effectively alleviate these problems.

6. Underground pipeline.

Corrugated HDPE pipes help society maintain the use of underground pipelines at a lower maintenance cost.


Advantages of corrugated pipe

1. Corrugated pipes have long life time, because the inner wall of the pipe is very little worn after long time using.

2. Corrugated pipes have light weight, compared with solid plastic tubes, nearly 60% of raw material can be saved. The strength of the tube is given by the corrugation design of the outer wall rather than the wall thickness.

3. Corrugated pipes can even be installed in very narrow areas.

4. Corrugated pipes have low operating costs and transportation costs. There are more bellows loaded on one truck than concrete pipes.


Different install occasions of corrugated pipes

If you expect to install a corrugated pipe, you must choose to install it under the floor or install it under the ground on the outside of the foundation. Drain pipes installed in different locations have different uses. The former prevents water from entering the basement, while the latter ensures that all water on the surface is trapped and discharged into the sewage pump. An external drain is durable and can last for decades, but the problem of blockage is also common. Sometimes you have to do a manual digging to clear the blockage. If you choose a built-in drain, it has a strong ability to drain water, but because the sewage pump is made of plastic, it is easily broken.


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