How Do You Connect Corrugated Drain Pipe?
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How Do You Connect Corrugated Drain Pipe?

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With the arrival of spring and summer season, rain water increased, came to an exuberant rainy season, began to worry about how to drain so that the home is not so wet, so that the life of the house longer, corrugated drainage pipes are also more and more widely used. Keeping water away from your house is the easiest way to prolong your life. The basement foundation is not designed like a hull. Any water trapped next to it will enter your home. Modern homes use corrugated drainage pipes embedded in gravel around the foundations to quickly remove the water. Installing and connecting corrugated drainage pipes is the simplest part of the process. 

Next, I'll show you how to connect corrugated drainage pipes.

Step 1

Place corrugated drainage pipes on a hard, stable surface. To prevent scratches on the surface of corrugated drainage pipes , place plywood or cardboard beneath the  corrugated drainage pipes. Use a tape gauge to measure the position of a corrugated drain pipe that must be cut. Draw a line at the point to make sure the line is straight. Use a tool knife to cut the corrugated drainage pipes into the desired length.

Step 2

Push the pipe snap connector into the corrugated drainage pipes. The teeth on the coupler are so small that the edges of the corrugated drainage pipes can be grasped and maintained. Repeat this procedure on the other side of the pipe.The best way to connect corrugated drainage pipes is to use plastic connectors that can be used where drains are sold. You can use external couplers (sometimes referred to as clasp couplers), which can be mounted on the outside of each segment, or internal couplers, which can slide inside the pipe. I prefer internal couplers because they are better and harder. Insert one at the end of the drain pipe to prevent it from being crushed. Whatever type of couplers you use, make sure your size fits your pipe;corrugated drainage pipes for residential use are 4 inches in diameter and 6 inches in diameter.

Step 3

The side of the hose is tied together to the sock on one side of the new connection. Your pipeline may not have this protection. The sock is in place to prevent fine dirt from entering the pipe and may block it.Insert the end of the first pipe into the side of the flexible connector. If the connector size is appropriate, the pipe will be extruded without too much effort. If you need to press or bend pipes to force insert, use a larger connector. Insert the end of the second pipe into the other side of the flexible connector. Use a flat screwdriver to tighten the clamps at both ends of the connector. Continue tightening until resistance becomes difficult to rotate the screw. This will form a waterproof seal on the pipe.

The above is how to connect corrugated drainage pipe, have you learned? 

If you have more questions about corrugated drainage pipe, please contact Eagle Technology Co., Ltd., thank you for your reading, I hope it will help you.





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