How To Assemble HDPE Winding Pipe
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How To Assemble HDPE Winding Pipe

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HDPE spiral corrugated pipe is widely used in chemical industry, excellent mechanical properties proved himself, it is because of its applications, many of the dangerous chemical products can be safely production, transportation and selling. As a focal point, how to assemble HDPE spiral corrugated pipe has become a problem.


Here is the content list:

What Is Development Of HDPE Winding Pipe Assembling?

How To Assemble HDPE Winding Pipe?

What Is Prospect Of HDPE Winding Pipe?


What Is Development Of HDPE Winding Pipe Assembling?

The manufacturing technology and equipment of HDPE Winding Pipe originated from Clara Company of Germany. In 1998, our enterprises first introduced the complete set of production equipment and technology of German Clara Company, and began to apply them in engineering in 1999. By the end of 2001, a total of over 100 kilometers of products with various calibers had been accumulatively completed.

With the popularization and wide application of HDPE winding pipe in China, more design and construction units will inevitably come into contact with the product. Flat strip and U-shaped strip extruded from die of extruder are evenly wound on the heated drum die according to the predetermined position to ensure the quality of weld joint of structural wall pipe. Especially in the structural design, the welding seam of the flat tape is covered by the polyethylene coated supporting pipe, which improves the overall external pressure resistance of the product.


How To Assemble HDPE Winding Pipe?

HDPE winding pipe production equipment and production technology, belongs to HDPE winding pipe production technology field, including HDPE winding machine, crusher, cutting machine and blender, whose character is: the blender, HDPE winding machine, cooling cutting machine, stripping machine, in turn, are connected by a transmission device, production device also has the ring stiffness tester. It is assembled in the following ways:

  • Clamp-type elastic connection

The connection requires that there should be no less than two welded plastic sealing blocks in the inner sealing area of the spiral groove at the connection part of HDPE winding pipe end, and the height of the sealing block should be the same as that of the reinforcing bar. The connection structure consists of three layers:

1. Inner layer

A thin-wall rubber sleeve, which acts as a seal at the end of HDPE winding pipe.

2. Middle layer

A kind of foam rubber plate with a certain thickness and good elasticity, which acting as the filling function. Through its deformation, the pressure of the tight hoop of the outer stainless-steel logger can be transferred evenly to the inner layer sealant plate, so as to eliminate the influence of factors such as uneven surface at the HDPE winding pipe end, uneven fin height and oval on the sealing performance.

3. Outer layer

An open stainless steel looper. The tightening force of the looper on the inner rubber sleeve can be adjusted by the fastening bolt on the looper to ensure the sealing. Meanwhile, the stainless steel looper can compensate the stiffness of the ring at the connection of HDPE winding pipe.

  • Electric melting connection

It is a method of connecting the pipe end of two plastic steel winding pipes with the electric hot melt belt as a whole by using the high temperature generated by the electric heating elements embedded on the surface of the electric hot melt belt after electrification.

What Is Prospect Of HDPE Winding Pipe?

China has entered a development period in which plastic buried pipes are used to replace traditional pipes such as cement pipes, cast iron pipes and steel pipes. As large-diameter outdoor buried pipes, HDPE winding pipes are bound to replace straight-wall pipes. We think that after five different structure pipe, HDPE spiral corrugated pipe and HDPE winding pipe will be the main pipes over a period of time in the future. On the basis of introducing and absorbing the experience of foreign advanced equipment and according to the domestic raw materials and the actual market situation, our company has developed a new generation of multi-machine co-extrusion large diameter HDPE winding pipe production line, which is advanced in China and catches up with the international level.



Although we already know how to assemble the HDPE winding pipe, we recommend that you hand it over to a professional company because there are risks in the process of assembling. If you are interested in our products or more information, please feel free to contact us.





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