How To Heat HDPE Winding Pipe
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How To Heat HDPE Winding Pipe

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Heating dissolution is an important method to weld HDPE winding pipe. The principle is to heat the flat end face of two HDPE winding pipes close to the heating tool until it melts. After removing the heating tool, the two melted end faces are close together and kept to the joint cooling under the action of pressure, so that the two pipes can be connected into a whole operation. Thus, how to heat HDPE winding pipes can be a technical job.


Here is the content list:

  • Preparations for Heating HDPE Wing Pipe

  • Different Heating Methods Of HDPE Wing Pipe

  • Heating Requirements Of HDPE Wing Pipe


Preparations for Heating HDPE Wing Pipe

HDPE winding pipes producers should know what they need to prepare properly before the product is heated up for welding, as more preparation may quicken the speed in doing work.

1. Workers must receive professional training.

2. Whether the working state of the welder is normal should be checked in advance.

3. Check the size of the hot welding end, fix the welding parts, make them in the normal geometric center position, and control the size of hot welding. Generally, the size of butt-welding hot welding is 3cm~5cm.

4. Set the heating temperature. The welding machine is equipped with surface temperature sensor of heating plate, temperature monitor with controllable temperature and automatic alarm. The temperature shall be adjusted according to the diameter and thickness of HDPE winding pipe to be welded before welding.

5. Pay attention to butt pressure. Welding machine with pressure sensor and pressure display, check its use before welding, in order to use the accurate grasp of the joint pressure.



Different Heating Methods Of HDPE Wing Pipe

Commonly used HDPE winding pipe connection methods are: butt welding connection, electric welding pipe connection and many other methods. These connection methods have their own performance characteristics, the use of occasions, installation is not the same.

  • Butt welded joint

The characteristics of the method are rigid connection, non - disassembly and anti - tension.

Butt welding joint is one of the simplest HDPE winding pipe fitting connection methods. It provides many convenient and advantageous preconditions for the prefabrication and installation of the whole system, and no other parts are required. Thus, butt welding can be used for both prefabricated installations on site and in the shop floor.

  • Welded Pipe Hoop Connector

The characteristics of the method are rigid connection, non - disassembly and anti - tension.

The method of connecting electric welded pipe hoop-fittings is usually used for on-site welding, modification, addition, installation and repair because it is easy to use, reliable, simple and fast. The heating zone and the melting zone are separated, so there is no resistance in the middle of the HDPE winding pipe, so it is very safe to use. After the welding is done, the resistance coil is coated with a PE (polyethylene) material, so it will not corrode.


Heating Requirements Of HDPE Wing Pipe

The flatness of the HDPE winding pipe is strictly controlled, and the open fire bending is strictly prohibited to ensure the construction quality of HDPE winding pipe.

In the process of using the hot melt machine, the temperature must reach the specified temperature before it can be used for hot melt butt construction. During hot melt, the time should be strictly controlled. For the pipe diameter model, the continuous melting time of hot melt machine should be accurately mastered. It is strictly forbidden to break up the hot melt machine in the middle of the melting process.

After each connection is completed, the appearance quality inspection should be carried out, and those that do not meet the requirements must be reworked.

When the HDPE winding pipe is interrupted intermittently in the installation process, the pipe mouth should be blocked in time to avoid blockage and contamination in the pipe.

At the end of the installation of HPDE winding pipe, warning signs should be set up at the location and direction of the pipeline along the river to avoid the pipeline from being damaged due to other reasons during the use of the project.



Above is a variety of methods and quality requirements for heating HDPE winding pipe. Its comprehensive engineering cost is basically the same as concrete, its operation cost is low, and its buried service life is over 50 years, making it an ideal industrial material. If you are interested in HDPE winding pipe, please contact us at any time.





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