How do you properly connect the HDPE Pipes?
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How do you properly connect the HDPE Pipes?

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With the development of the industry, HDPE is increasingly being adopted by people. So, do you know how to properly connect them? What are the points to pay attention to when using it ? The following article briefly introduces the connection of HDPE pipes, hoping to help you better understand HDPE pipe.


Analysis points are as follow:

♦ What is HDPE Profiled Pipe

♦ How to properly connect HDPE pipe

♦ Precautions for using HDPE tube

♦ In conclusion


What is HDPE pipes

The HDPE pipe is also called a high-density polyethylene structural wall hot-wound tube, which is a new type of profiled wall tube made of high-density polyethylene hot-wound forming process. The product uses high-density polyethylene resin (HDPE) as raw material, PP or PE bellows as auxiliary support tube, and high-density polyethylene large-diameter wound reinforced tube produced by hot-wound forming process. Because this kind of pipeline was originally introduced by the domestic company from the German carat company, it is commonly called the carat tube in China.


HDPE tube connection

Commonly used HDPE pipe connection methods include butt welding connection, electric welded pipe hoop connecting piece connection, socket type casing connection with sealing ring, threaded connection method, linear expansion socket pipe connection, and flange connection method. These connection methods each have their own performance characteristics, and the use and installation are not the same.


❶ Butt welding connection

Butt-welded joints are the simplest method of pipe fitting, which provides many convenient and preconditions for prefabricated installation of the entire system without the need for additional components. Thus, the butt weld connection can be used either on site or in the workshop. The performance characteristics of the connection method are: rigid connection, non-removable, and tensile strength.



❷ Welding pipe hoop connector connection method

The welded pipe clamp connector connection method is usually used for on-site welding, modification, repair installation and repair because it is easy to use, reliable, simple and quick to connect. If the piping system needs to be modified or made some early modifications, the welded pipe hoop can be slid by removing the middle stop ring.



❸ Threaded connection method

Threaded joints are commonly used in a variety of prefabricated installations where it is easy to remove the joints, as well as connections to the sewer traps and shower trays. When installing, the threaded parts must be pressed with a sealing ring so that only a small surface area of the sealing ring is in contact with the water for better connection. The advantages of this type of connection are mainly non-rigid connection, removable, and tensile strength.


HDPE pipe considerations

HDPE pipe with its reliable connection, long service life, good impact resistance, good flexibility, low fluid resistance and excellent corrosion resistance in water supply systems, air conditioning systems, sewage discharge, chemical industry Pipes, communication pipes, non-excavation threading pipes and deep water cages have a wide range of applications. In particular, the flexible and flexible connection method of the HDPE piping system provides solutions in a variety of environmental situations. So what should we pay attention to when installing?


❶ When carrying out the connection work of them , it is necessary to use a professional machine for work.


❷ Different working environments should adopt appropriate connection methods, otherwise it will not be used.


❸ Adequate preparation must be made before construction, and work should be carried out without damaging the surrounding environment.



The HDPE pipes is a flexible plastic tube for fluid and gas delivery that is commonly used to replace aged concrete or steel tube. Made of thermoplastic HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), its high level of impermeability and strong molecular bonds make it suitable for high pressure piping.


Under the favorable environment of the country to strongly encourage technological progress and innovation, China has improved the shortcomings of the pipe through the introduction of HDPE pipe and its own continuous development, making HDPE pipe gradually occupy a place in China's pipeline market, and has been evaluated by the Ministry of Construction in China. Focus on promoting products. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the connection method and related knowledge of HDPE Krah Pipe. If you want to buy the right and perfect HDPE pipe, please consider us. We have a professional production team that will satisfy you.






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