How to Choose Krah Pipes?
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How to Choose Krah Pipes?

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Krah pipe

Krah Pipe product is an environmental protection and safe type of pipeline product, because of its high quality characteristics are widely used in all kinds of pipeline engineering projects, so, the demand for Krah Pipe is also increasing day by day, which makes the quality of the Krah Pipe on the market at random, is irregular. 

Because of this, many consumers lack lessons in the choice of Krah Pipe, often do not know how to start. So how do we choose the right quality Krah pipes? In the process of choosing cladding tube, what detailed operation process should we pay attention to? 

Today, we are talking about the selection skills of Krah Pipes.

Comparison between pseudo-cladding pipes and high-quality cladding pipes: 

The real cladding pipes usually adopted the hot winding process of the outer wall of the pipe to enhance the skeleton pipe. The hot winding process made the tensile strength of the pipe joints reach the national scale. On the contrary, the hot winding process was not used for the bottom of the pseudo-cladding pipes.

The inner wall of the real Krah pipe is absolutely smooth without any holes. And the inner wall of the pseudo-Krah pipe has winding holes, thus reducing the flow, and permanent use can easily cause blockage of the inner wall of the pipe.

Pseudo-Krah pipes select one-time winding molding process, and the traditional steel belt pipe, plastic steel winding pipe, hollow wall winding pipe contrast, from the production principle of the basic unity, production equipment skills fall behind; Compared with the real Krah pipe, because of the different process, the tensile strength of the tube joint can not reach the coherent scale, if there is foundation settlement, the tube is easy to be detached from the winding hole, causing water seepage. 

The advantages of Krah pipe: 

Krah pipe product is an environmental protection and safety product, with light weight, strong bearing capacity, high interface quality, long life, corrosion resistance, high ring stiffness, construction advantages, widely used in urban water supply, drainage, long-distance water transmission and irrigation projects. Diameter from dn300-dn4000, the pipe weight is light, the overall flexibility is good, is now the first choice of buried sewage and drainage pipe.

First, we should carefully distinguish the material of the Krah Pipe.

Appearance quality Krah Pipe should be relatively smooth, ㎡, no appearance defects such as depression, bubble, this sample to guaranteeing the water circulation, not sense, the sample is the necessary premise of quality carat tube.

Second, look at the appearance of the Krah Pipe brand in the selection of high-quality Krah Pipe. 

Because a brand relative to the famous carat tube manufacturers produced by the carat tube material should be in the general environment, will be relatively but rely on. Good quality brand in addition to guarantee product quality, especially care about the details and scale, when consumers buy a good attention to pipe fitting bend whether to choose a big curved design to cut water hammer, whether there is 45 degrees chamfer design to facilitate welding.

Third, pay attention to after-sales service. 

The general big brand Krah management has a complete after-sales service, to protect the benefits of consumers, a good brand is usually equipped with a product card. HDPE profiled winding pipe (Krah Pipe) from some angles, the better the after-sales service brand, the better the quality, or after-sales service will be very troublesome. 

For the above three points, the details need to be determined by everyone according to the actual environment. It is not difficult to choose a relatively good product only by strict compliance.





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