How to clean out corrugated pipe
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How to clean out corrugated pipe

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Corrugated pipes may be your best friend or your biggest enemy. It works well for sewerage, but it's easy to clog, so next I'll show you how to clean out corrugated pipe.


The blockage of corrugated pipes means that the blockage of corrugated pipes after concrete pouring will lead to the difference between the actual elongation of steel strands and the calculated values of design when the pre-stressed steel strands are unable to pass through or tension prestressing at the later stage of pre-stressed steel strands, and the actual elongation of the strands is different from that of the design calculation when the corrugated pipes are blocked. It brings unnecessary trouble to construction, not only affects the construction period, but also consumes manpower. Cause analysis of pipe blockage: first of all, the construction unit did not install corrugated pipes strictly according to the construction code during the construction process, resulting in bending and twisting caused by inaccurate positioning of corrugated pipes, loosening of casing joints, or in concrete pouring construction. The failure of vibrator in picking concrete results in the local rupture of corrugated pipe and the leakage of concrete slurry into corrugated pipes to block the pipe. Secondly, the quality defect of corrugated pipes caused partial plasma plugging.

Steel strand

The steel strand is perforated from the reserved hole according to the design quantity. When the steel strand penetrates into a certain depth, it cannot be traversed. After measuring the exact position with a steel ruler, the air pick is used to break the hole on the top of the beam plate, the pipe plug is removed, and then the steel strand is continued to pass through the steel strand. When the strands are arranged according to the design quantity, start tension, hole filling and grouting.

Reaming slot

The concrete is broken by wind pick on the side of the corrugated pipes embedded along the tension hole until the embedded corrugated pipes are exposed and the corrugated pipes are chiseled with steel brazing to achieve the purpose of reaming the holes. Do not chisel the steel bar on the corrugated pipes when expanding the hole. If the steel bar is chiseled, reweld the steel bar.

Cleaning corrugated drains with a sewer ejector

Wear waterproof work gloves and goggles. Connect the drain cleaner to the trigger gun, start the high-pressure cleaning machine, and then put the nozzle at least one foot into the drain, pay attention to feeding the nozzle in the direction of blockage before it begins to flow. The sewer ejector is introduced into the pipe when the trigger is extruded. For more thorough cleaning, pull back half every few feet or so and move forward. After cleaning the drain pipe, pull the drain cleaner out. Before the nozzle reaches the drain, release the trigger carefully to stop the flow. Then replace any drainage cover.

These are the ways to clean up corrugated pipes. Have you learned? if you don't want to do any of these steps, hiring a service company can save you money. To find the service company in your area, welcome to Eagle Technology Co., Ltd., not only the pipeline you need, but also the thoughtful after-sales service.





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