How to repair HDPE pipe
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How to repair HDPE pipe

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The HDPE pipe,is more durable than the ordinary polyethylene pipe because it has a low density. Many people have started using the HDPE pipe because of the durability of their homes and offices.

Modern pipeline liners use HDPE pipeline repair and maintenance methods, but also the traditional resistance process. High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes are more and more popular because of their thicker lining and longer service life. Although the HDPE pipes are durable, sometimes they need to be repaired. So what are the repair methods? Let me introduce you next.

Evaluate HDPE Pipe damage

Assess damage to high density polyethylene (HDPE). If the plastic breaks, measure the length. If there are holes, measure the diameter. Share a piece of polyethylene from the waste. Make it two inches longer than the crack, two inches wider than the diameter of the hole in the HDPE pipe, or two inches larger.

Timely repair

Most HDPE pipeline leak repair can be done very easily and quickly. Quickly apply tape, electrical tape, epoxy resin putty or glass fiber resin to secure leaky HDPE pipes. The end of the crack is then found and drilled in order to ensure that the crack does not spread after the weld is solidified. Drill one guide hole per inch on either side of the crack, 1 3 to 4 inches from the crack. For one hole, drill a 1-inch / 4-inch guide hole from the perimeter. Align the patch you draw from the scrap piece to the crack or hole.

Long-term or permanent repair

There are a variety of methods for pipeline repair, including welding and non-soldering, and a variety of non-exhaustive, external and internal replacement methods. 

(1) Plastic extrusion is the most popular method because it is an efficient and effective way to access pipes without disturbing your house. 

(2) To prevent leakage, you can use HDPE piping liners, but these liners must be installed by piping liners specialists. 

(3) Open-pit excavation is also used for pipeline restoration, but the cost is high and it takes time. 

(4) Another method of HDPE pipeline repair is trenchless pipeline repair. This procedure helps prevent any existing leaks and further hazards to the piping lining system. The more commonly used is to put the hot air gun on top and start heating the patch. If you put the hot air gun on the patch for a long time, it will be burned. Place the hot air gun on the patch for a few seconds, and then check the patch. When it begins to melt, it diffuses the liquid to the guide hole. You must force the liquid polyethylene into the hole so that the patch adheres to the damaged plastic. Once filled with polyethylene in a melted patch, pour water onto the patch to solidify it.

These are the ways to repair the HDPE pipe. If the damaged HDPE pipe is too wide to be repaired by an untrained person, a professional plumber should be called in to assess and fix the problem. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and look forward to your arrival.





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