How to stop leaks on pipe
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How to stop leaks on pipe

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Pipe is basically one of the necessary equipment in every family, if the pipeline leak can be very troublesome, then how to stop the pipeline leakage?


Whether new piping is improperly installed or old pipes leak over time, ordinary household facilities, such as sinks and latrines, are prone to pipe leaks. If you find a leak in the kitchen or bathroom, you need to stop it before it causes more serious damage. With some research and the right tools, sealing the leaking joint is a DIY job that you can do like a professional.


Prevent leakage with Piping Coatings

Wrapping tape around a pipe thread to form a seal is a standard procedure for DIYers. But this is not foolproof. Burrs in the vulva can grab the tape and roll it. Leaks will only occur after you have finished your work and pumped the water. At that time, your hands will have a mess, cutting and reinstalling pipes.

Pipeline paint is a binder-based mixture applied to the thread end of a pipe. It is also known as a pipe joint compound or pipe adhesive. Pipe paint is usually smeared with a brush. This process is more cumbersome but faster than duct tape. In general, pipe joint compounds produce a more durable and airtight seal than tube joint sealing tape. It is commonly used to connect pipes and fittings that are considered permanent. For example, natural gas or water pipes buried underground or running at home are unlikely to be disconnected. Plumbing paint and plumber tape are available in various types and can be used in pipes or natural gas pipelines. Read the packaging carefully to make sure you choose the right product for your application.


Prevent leakage at Pipe jionts

Without a solid seal, threaded tubes and fittings leak easily. To avoid leakage and long-term damage, threaded connections between metal or plastic pipes must be properly sealed. For airtight seals, use pipe thread tape (also known as plumbing tape) and / or plumbing paint to fill the gap between the male and female threads.


Pipe thread sealing tape is also known as plumbing tape or Teflon tape, a pipe sealant similar to electrical tape or masking tape. Plumber's tape is color coded by type, low density and high density, different quality and price. Plumber tape is less troublesome than plumbing paint, but if it is incorrectly wrapped (counterclockwise), the tape may pare when the joint is tightened, breaking the seal.


Use two types of pipe joints on threaded joints, wrap threads with plumber tape, add pipe joint compounds, use two wrenches, tighten joint complexes and connections on plumber tape. If tape or pipe joint compound is not used to seal, the connection between threaded pipe and joint is easy to leak. Careful plumbers use pipe joint composites and Teflon on each joint to improve safety. They don't want to come back.


Whether it's pipe thread sealing tape or pipeline paint, to create a safe seal to prevent pipe leaks, Eagle technology co's pipes are solid and difficult to destroy.We look forward to your presence.





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